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 (photo: The Niles | Nik Lehnert)
Prose Poetry
I am the Nile
1.06.2019  |  Society
 (photo: Anataban)
“Black Tide”
24.04.2019  |  Society
The Niles contributors at the shores of Lake Tana, August 2018.  (photo: The Niles | Bullen Chol)
Rethinking conservation
What price are we willing to pay?
25.03.2019  |  Society
 (photo: The Niles | Nik Lehnert)
The Niles 13
The Conservation Issue
25.03.2019  |  Society
 (photo: The Niles | Nik Lehnert)
Understanding the Nile
Where is the river coming from, where does it go
10.08.2018  |  Society
 (photo: The Niles | Waakhe Simon Wudu)
Everything is connected
10.08.2018  |  Society
The Nile Basin annual fresh fish production is estimated at 3 million tons. (photo: The Niles | Mugume Davis)
Fish in troubled waters
Lake Victoria’s once-abundant fish stocks in decline
4.07.2018  |  Economy
Water security in the Niles Basin
24 questions and answers
19.03.2018  |  Society
Pupils of Assay School prepared to join a brass band-led procession from Meskel Square to the UNECA Conference Centre in Addis Ababa, to mark the Nile Day on 22 February 2018. (photo: The Niles | Nik Lehnert)
The Niles In Focus: Regional Nile Day 2018
Celebrating 19 years of cooperation
7.03.2018  |  Society
Sixteen The Niles correspondents from across 10 Nile Basin countries attended the MiCT The Niles workshop and editorial conference from 20. to 23. February, in Addis Ababa. (photo: The Niles | Nik Lehnert)
Water Security
What is ‘The Niles’?
27.02.2018  |  Society
 (photo: picture alliance / Reuters / Tiksa Negeri)
Regional Nile Day 2018 Issue
You think of water when the well is empty...
22.02.2018  |  Society
Sylivester Domasa (left) speaks with Eng. Innocent Ntabana, the Executive Director of the Nile Basin Initiative, about the Nile Day. (photo: The Niles | Nik Lehnert)
The Niles Talk
What is the Nile Day?
21.02.2018  |  Society
The Citizen printing press in South Sudan’s capital Juba, July 17, 2012. (photo: The Niles | Nik Lehnert)
The Niles print editions
14.02.2018  |  Society
Simon Mugisha, the winner of the Nile Media Awards 2017 in the TV category. (photo: The Niles | Nik Lehnert)
The Nile Media Awards 2017
Recognising excellent reporting
2.02.2018  |  Society
The Niles Issue 10: Nile Media Awards 2017 (photo: The Niles)
Nile Media Awards 2017 Issue
A river that forgets its source will eventually dry up...
2.02.2018  |  Society
The opening ceremony of the fifth Nile Basin Development Forum in Kigali, October 23, 2017. (photo: The Niles | Nik Lehnert)
Nile Basin Development Forum 2017
‘Investing in Nile Cooperation for a Water Secure Future’
23.10.2017  |  Society
Male Daniel (photo: The Niles)
Mourning Duku Male Daniel Eugenio
7.04.2017  |  Archive
 (photo: UNHCR)
1.12.2016  |  Archive
 (photo: The Niles | Sebastian Prams)
Sudan: Water for peace
25.11.2016  |  Archive
Morys Koulibaly wearing The Niles swimming trunks. (photo: The Niles)
Beach Boys: Swimming & Tourism
Sew & Swim: How to do it!
22.11.2016  |  Archive
 (photo: David Chipperfield Architects | The Niles)
‘Naga Now’
10.11.2016  |  Archive
 (photo: The Niles)
Cash or cow?
7.11.2016  |  Archive
States of flux map. (photo: The Niles)
States of flux
22.03.2016  |  Archive
Due to massive water problems in the Jammam camp in South Sudan, refugees have started to drill for new water sources in random places. (photo: Christian Als / laif)
Reliable sources
10.03.2016  |  Archive
The free trade agreement allowed Sudanese to enter Egypt without visas. (photo: | Myriam Abdelaziz)
A home away from home
2.03.2016  |  Archive
Migration in the mix. (photo: The Niles)
Migration in the mix
30.10.2015  |  Archive
Christoph Straesser
Press freedom under attack
“Respect press freedom”
24.08.2015  |  Archive
Peter Julius Moi (photo: Unknown (retrieved from Facebook))
Press freedom under attack
Mourning Peter Julius Moi
20.08.2015  |  Archive
 (photo: The Nies | Dominik Lehnert)
Press freedom under attack
South Sudan in mourning: free media murdered once again
20.08.2015  |  Archive
Your call for peace
11.06.2015  |  Archive
A call for arms
23.01.2015  |  Archive
وسم الأسلحة في الجنينة، دارفور في يونيو 2013، كجزء من مشروع تسجيل الأسلحة الذي تقوم به الحكومة السودانية بالتعاون مع BICC.
Up in arms: the dealer
16.12.2014  |  Archive
A soldier is his uniform
29.11.2014  |  Archive
SALW: laws and definition
25.11.2014  |  Archive
Ministry of Health staff loading medication destined for Malakal, December 31, 2013.
People on the move
30.05.2014  |  Archive
Budding Prospects
22.04.2014  |  Archive
Blurred Borders
2.04.2014  |  Archive
Mawa Fanan (left) and members of the Malembe Band during a recording session in Morobo, August 2006.
1.12.2012  |  Archive
MICT Election Video
26.11.2010  |  Archive