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Five returnees five years on

MiCT The Niles
Five years after Sudan’s split, South Sudanese tell of their experiences returning to and living in South Sudan.
8.07.2016  |  Juba, South Sudan
 (photo: Marc Hofer)
(photo: Marc Hofer)

South Sudan - 5 years on from marchofer on Vimeo.


South Sudan gained independence on July 9, 2011. The international community lifted the new nation on a pedestal, hoping conflicts between Sudan and South Sudan, as well as violent rivalries within South Sudan would be resolved.

Many South Sudanese refugees, who grew up in neighbouring countries, the United States or Europe, returned, hoping to build a new life in their home country. But fighting has resumed between rivalling factions in the central government and the general euphoria has shifted to a weary fear of the future.

Freelance video journalist Marc Hofer interviewed five people who returned to South Sudan, as part of Dominic Nahr’s exhibition “Fractured State”, on display at Foundation Manuel Rivera-Ortiz in Arles, France, from July 2 to September 25, 2016.

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