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The Nile Media Awards 2021
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The Niles Media Awards 2021 in numbers, plus some words from the partners and sponsors.
19.10.2021  |  Berlin, Germany
Journalists covering the Nile Day celebrations in Khartoum, February 22, 2020. (photo: The Niles / Dominik Lehnert)
Journalists covering the Nile Day celebrations in Khartoum, February 22, 2020. (photo: The Niles / Dominik Lehnert)

I call upon Nile Basin journalists to distribute the knowledge and information generated by NBI in a factual and balanced manner. It is only by doing so that you will promote constructive cooperation on the Nile.”

Dr Jeanne D’Arc Mujawamariya, Minister of Environment Rwanda


Entries submitted across all categories


We hope that these awards will serve as a reminder that accurate and constructive reporting plays a key role in fostering positive relationships among the Nile Basin states and people.”

Prof Seifeldin Hamad Abdalla, former NBI Secretariat Executive Director



Award categories: Print, Radio, Television, Digital, Photography, Best Collaborative Story, and Best Female Entry


The Nile Media Awards serve to put constructive and high-quality journalistic stories into the spotlight. Media in Cooperation and Transition (MiCT) believes that this recognition will encourage even more and better reporting of Nile Basin affairs.”

Dirk Spilker, MiCT Head of Programmes



Average article length in words (Print Category)


We are very happy to partner with the Nile Basin Initiative in the Nile Media Awards. We would like to congratulate all the journalists, photographers and communicators that they have been awarded. Let’s keep doing the good job we are doing, all together.”

Emanuele Fantini, IHE Delft Senior Lecturer/Researcher



Evaluation criteria used to assess submissions


We need to reach more people, especially the younger generations. Talking to them through a short video will help form a new vision for a more collaborative future in the Nile Basin.”

Amgad Elmahdi, IWMI Head of MENA Region Office



Jury members involved in the evaluation of all submissions


People around the world spend most of their time in front of their television sets. This creates a great opportunity for the production of more water and climate stories. This can only be done if the media are empowered and supported to report more objectively on water and climate- related issues.”

George Sanga, GWPEA Regional Coordinator



Journalists awarded for outstanding reporting on the Nile Basin


The digital category has seen the submission of contributions of exceptional quality that have made a lasting impact among the public and experts.”

Pavlos Ioannis Evangelidis, EU Delegation to Uganda Head of the Inclusive Green Economy Section



Awards received by Rehab Abd Almohsen in 2021


Through these awards, we can contribute towards breeding super journalists in the Nile Basin who are able to write stories that help millions to make informed decisions. We will always be part of these awards.”

Frederick Mugira, WJA Founder & InfoNile Co-Founder


16,500 USD

Total of cash prices awarded in 2021


This is already the second edition we are supporting, and that shows the great importance we attach to the media in informing the dialogue of countries and people across the basin.”

Dr Malte Grossmann, GIZ Head of Nile Projects



Journalist attending the award ceremony in Addis Ababa in person (due to COVID-19 restrictions)


Recognising the importance of gender equality in journalism, the best female submission award was designed to elevate the voices and perspectives of women journalists working hard across the basin.”

Kerry Schneider, SIWI Programme Manager Shared Water Partnership



Partner organisations and institutions supported the Nile Media Awards 2021


A constructive dialogue needs reliable and well-researched facts. In the Nile Basin, such a dialogue is key to building consensus in the region and finding solutions to ongoing challenges. It is in recognition of this role of the media that the German Federal Government supports these awards.”

Matthias Schauer, German Ambassador to Uganda



Nile Media Awards editions already held (incl. 2021)

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