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Sounds from across the 4,000-plus miles of the Nile

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The Nile Project released the album “Aswan” in October, taking its name from the Egyptian city where it was recorded live earlier this year, fusing sounds from across the Nile Basin.
16.10.2013  |  Aswan
Participants of The Nile Project residency in Egypt, January 19.
Participants of The Nile Project residency in Egypt, January 19.

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Featuring 18 artists from Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda, the Aswan concert paid tribute to the diverse musical traditions and instruments of the Nile Basin.

During a ten-day residency, the artists composed, performed, and recorded a collection of songs, creating the first album for The Nile Project, founded by Egyptian ethnomusicologist Mina Girgis and Ethiopian- American singer Meklit Hadero.

For more information, please visit The Nile Project’s website.

For millennia, the Nile has nourished lands of human, ecological, and cultural beauty,” The Nile Project wrote in a press release. Connecting the polyrhythmic styles of Lake Victoria and the pointed melodies of the Ethiopian highlands with the rich modal traditions of Egypt and Sudan, the 4,200 mile river yields an enormous range of songs and dances, expressing stories, emotions, and daily life.”

You can hear just how much fun the crowd is having.”
NPR Music
The energy of the live performance infuses the recording, according to the US radio station NPR. You can hear just how much fun the crowd is having -- and how tight the band is, even as their instrumental multitudes adeptly combine everything from indigenous instruments like the Ugandan adungu lyre to saxophone and bass guitar,” it wrote in a review. NPR Music has named Aswan one of the five ‘Must-Hear International Albums’ of the Fall 2013.

The Nile Project is currently accepting applications for its second annual musical residency, which will take place in Uganda in mid-January 2014. The collective will tour Africa directly following the residency, as well as Europe in 2014 and North America in 2015.