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The Niles newspaper launched

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The division of Sudan is official now. Yet, SUDANVOTES journalists are firmly united, jointly publishing The Niles newspaper upon the occasion of South Sudan\'s independence.
9.07.2011  |  Berlin
إنه لأحمق... من يبتهج و جاره في محنة - مثل سوداني
إنه لأحمق... من يبتهج و جاره في محنة - مثل سوداني

The bilingual newspaper The Niles has been launched today as a joint production by journalists from Sudan and newly independent South Sudan to promote reconciliation.

Read The Niles here

During the past two years, an eclectic group of 50 media practioners from northern and southern Sudan have taken part in ‘sudan votes’, which aims at locating current affairs in a Sudanese context.

Along the way they have acquired journalistic training, an education which was long hard to come by in Sudan’s highly charged political environment. Spanning diverse age, ethnic and religious groups, the ‘sudan votes’ journalists work across the political divide.

'sudan votes' journalists relaxing on the banks of the Nile - Photo by Daniel Tetlow

“We all come from different backgrounds ... but we have a shared goal: To spread quality journalism to the whole of Sudan and beyond,” Adam Abkar Ali, a ‘sudan votes’ journalist from the north of Sudan explains.

Their collaboration produced some 900 print articles, radio broadcasts, slide shows and video reports covering stories at the heart of Sudanese life. From politics to society, economics to culture, their diverse backgrounds are reflected in their different styles and approaches.

Yobu Annet, a regular contributor to ‘sudan votes’ explains that she picked up new skills on how to deal with Sudan’s complex past. “I learnt that while there was nothing one could do to change the past, there is potential to change the future.”

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And that future is set to change suddenly as from today on, giving the journalists many more stories to tell – stories from two Sudans. In the words of Akim Mugisa, ‘sudan votes’ correspondent from Yei: “The Niles should not be a one-time experience, it must come to represent the continuous fow of cooperation between brothers and sisters from the north and the south.”

Watch out for The Niles at your local news agent, wherever you are in Sudan or South Sudan!

Photo by Ustas Haytham El Wardany