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Regional Nile Day 2018 Issue
You think of water when the well is empty...

MiCT The Niles
This second basin-wide issue of The Niles is published on the 19th Nile Day, celebrated on 22 February 2018 in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa.
22.02.2018  |  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
 (photo: picture alliance / Reuters / Tiksa Negeri)
(photo: picture alliance / Reuters / Tiksa Negeri)

Although we strive to be prepared, sometimes we can be caught unawares. That is why it’s worth thinking about water before the well goes dry in order to have enough time to plan ahead. Part of this preparation is knowing what the right questions are and striving to answer them.

To be prepared and plan ahead also means to notice small changes when they occur. This can only happen if you spend time observing and learning. The Nile shows us its many facets depending on the light, the time of day and the mood of the observer. Noticing these changes helps us to know more and be prepared.

Through the pages of this paper, correspondents from the Nile Basin countries share their experiences and observations about the Nile and try to find answers to the most relevant questions about the river. We celebrate the day of the Nile by thinking about water, before the well goes dry.

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You think of water when the well is empty.
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