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MiCT The Niles
The war in South Sudan, with all its disastrous ramifications, goes unabated. The Niles provides space for ordinary citizens, to share their #Call4Peace.
11.06.2015  |  Berlin

The hope for the success of the new round of negotiations in Addis Ababa becomes flaky when the bells of all past failures toll loudly. Yet, millions of South Sudanese continue to hope for a safer life. Their hope comes to the surface in their struggle to survive, until one day, they can live in peace.

So what do they have to say? How do you, as a South Sudanese, hope, think, pray, imagine life right now? Let us hear from you — let the world feel your continuous hope, but also your righteous anger, and your smiles. Share with The Niles’ audience your #Call4Peace today. Thank you!


How to share your personal #Call4Peace:

1. Record a short video in English or Juba Arabic (not more than one minute), using your phone, a camera or computer.

2. Upload your video on Wetransfer (click add files”):

3. Enter the following email address (in the field friend’s email”): [email protected]

4. Enter your own email address (in the field your email”).

5. Enter your name and location (in the field message”).

6. Send your #Call4Peace (click transfer”).

7. Follow us on facebook and/or twitter to view your and the other submissions. 


By submitting your #Call4Peace, you agree to the folowing:

1. The Niles reserves the right to omit and/or edit submissions, particularly in case of any hate speech.

2. The Niles does not remunerate for submissions.

3. The Niles has the right to publish and republish submissions on The Niles website and all its related social media channels. All submissions will be treated under the Creative Commons Licence Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)