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O. Hannington

Hannington works as freelance corespondent mainly for MICT publications. He completetd his Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, Media and Public Relations at Cavendish University, Uganda. He has been part of the mict Sudan/South Sudan project team since the project started in 2009. He previously worked for Camp Wesley Woods, Tennessee, as a supervisor and acquired valuable reporting experience as a field information officer for Action Africa Help-International. Hannington’s intuition and friendly personality have enhanced his ability to report on sensitive social issues such as cruelty toward children. He says he wants to “serve as a medium for those who are not heard”.

Salah Jeremiah during the production of the film ‘AIDS ringing the bells of Yei’ in 2006. (photo: The Niles | Dominik Lehnert)
8/Death: Burying seeds for the next season
The king of karma
26.04.2017  |  Archive
A South Sudanese woman and her baby displaced by violence in Keri, waiting to be relocated. (photo: The Niles | Male Daniel)
2/Birth: Despite all odds, life begins anyway
A mother’s dreams
15.12.2016  |  Archive
A midwife examines a pregnant woman in Bentiu. (photo: UNFPA | Amadou Baraze				)
2/Birth: Despite all odds, life begins anyway
“I feel proud deep inside”
14.12.2016  |  Archive
 (photo: Fayez Nureldine | AFP | Getty Images)
You can’t make it up!
8.07.2016  |  Archive
Ayume Nelson earns a living by driving a boda-boda taxi around Yei. (photo: The Niles | Ochan Hannington)
How far would you go?
“The boda-boda business is lucrative and dangerous”
11.11.2015  |  Archive
Samuel Sebit Emmanuel, aka Samse, in Kampala on September 18, 2015. (photo: The Niles | Ochan Hannington)
“Peace has come”
12.10.2015  |  Archive
A man transports his remaining goods back home on his bicycle, after spending the day at the market in Morobo, February 26, 2015. (photo: The Niles | Ochan Hannington)
Picture of the day
Market day in Morobo
21.09.2015  |  Archive
Children in South Sudan’s Yei town, Central Equatoria State, play with their self-made bicycle, April 12, 2015. (photo: The Niles | Ochan Hannington)
Picture of the day
Children playing with their self-made bicycle
15.09.2015  |  Archive
Edison Mwangi, a Kenyan entrepreneur in Yei, South Sudan, April 2014.
Seeking greener pastures
18.06.2014  |  Archive
Nyawal in a camp for internally displaced people (IDP) in Yei.
‘I want to go home’
24.05.2014  |  Archive
Bashir Kafuma at work in Yei.
A Ugandan job creator
14.05.2014  |  Archive
Sara Dawa
Orphan and restless
5.05.2014  |  Archive
أهل ياي يحتفلون بحريتهم الوليدة.
The ecstasy of freedom
12.02.2011  |  Archive
Yata Jane on her compound in Wuluturu, near Yei.
Memories of Garang
18.01.2011  |  Archive
Registration was just one of the crucial steps for the eligible voters.
A referendum journey
14.01.2011  |  Archive
Yei Main Street
Yei Old Glory?
14.01.2010  |  Archive
© Warren Young
Sudanese heroes?
15.12.2009  |  Archive