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Akim Mugisa

Akim works as freelance editor and correspondent for diverse publications in South Sudan. He has been part of the mict Sudan/South Sudan project team since April 2010. Born in Fort Portal near the Mountains of the Moon in Uganda, Akim Mugisa grew up with great eagerness to interact with people around him. A graduate in journalism and media studies, he has worked in radio for more than ten years and written for local, national and regional publications. Akim has trained a number of reporters and collaborated with colleagues on strategies, as he says, “to advance media development in the region”.

Juba goes Miami: Fun on Queen Juba, a double-decker boat with twin 320-horse-power engines. (photo: The Niles | Akim Mugisa)
Beach Boys: Swimming & Tourism
Launching the ‘Oky African Boat Cruise Party’
22.11.2016  |  Archive
Map of Juba, South Sudan. (photo: MiCT | The Niles)
Juba fact file
1.02.2016  |  Archive
Breaking news
Fuel truck explosion claims over 170 lives
16.09.2015  |  Archive
أسلحة تم جمعها في بور، ولاية جونقلي تاسع مايو، 2013.
The guns beneath the beds
19.01.2015  |  Archive
Breaking Grounds
28.03.2014  |  Archive
The late John Garang spearheaded the struggle of South Sudan.
A nation is born
9.07.2011  |  Archive
كول آتيم بول، مدير برنامج التعليم البديل المدعوم من قبل حكومة جنوب السودان.
Waging war on illiteracy
29.04.2011  |  Archive
Local and foreign observers are present in all polling stations.
Voting in Yei County
14.01.2011  |  Archive