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Where do you see yourself in five years?

Martha Agama, Francis Michael, Akim Mugisa, Davis Mugume and Nosa Ahmed
People from Sudan and South Sudan pondering over their future.
10.11.2016  |  Juba, South Sudan & Khartoum, Sudan
A man clambering over a fence to view the debut football match of South Sudan’s national team in Juba, July 9, 2011. (photo: Espen Eichhöfer | OSTKREUZ)
A man clambering over a fence to view the debut football match of South Sudan’s national team in Juba, July 9, 2011. (photo: Espen Eichhöfer | OSTKREUZ)

“All we need is stability in South Sudan. I believe that over the next five years, I will have opened at least three more workshops in the country. These will give employment opportunities to some youth. You know, to live happy in Juba you need money, I believe that by then I should have gotten enough money to live a happy life in my country South Sudan.”
Engineer Oneka James, Auto Mechanic, Juba, South Sudan.

“In five years time I will have finished my engineering course and I hope to be working with big construction companies in South Sudan. I also want to have established a poultry business in my native Kajo Keji. I want my country to be the best place for me and my friends so we can live in peace like in other countries that we have visited.”
Pita Mule Harry, Civil and Environmental Engineering student, Uganda Christian University (UCU), Mukono, Uganda.

“If the current impasse continues then South Sudan might have to shape her own destiny but if the peace stands, the future of our country is very bright. I hope peace will prevail so I can achieve my goals.”
Nagib Boro, Director at HASS Petroleum Ltd., Juba, South Sudan.

“I cannot predict how South Sudan will be in the next five years time due to the ongoing wrangles but I hope that we will be at peace and harmony for the better of the nation and a peaceful South Sudan, this is where I see myself.”
Mary Adut, Juba Resident, South Sudan.

“In five years I will be far in terms of music. I hope to be living in a peaceful country, in a nation that’s free from rebellion, tribalism and hatred. All we need now is peace.”
Joyce Jidayi aka Pretty Joy Cox, mother and artist, Juba, South Sudan.

“Two years ago I said I want to accomplish certain things. But I didn’t..., because the civil job I work pays me little, not enough to pay all my bills. So until things go well and the economy improves, I can’t think of making any plans. Right now I live for today, and will wait to face tomorrow.”
Isabella, Civil Servant, Yei, South Sudan.

“I’m singer of mostly educative songs of a high quality and I will be one of the biggest artistes in South Sudan.”
Samuel Sebit Emmanuel, aka Samse, Musician, Yei, South Sudan.

“I have no clue about what will happen in five years! I only wish for a good future for my daughter. As for myself, I am going with the flow. Depending how you see the situation in the country, that is either good or bad.”
Mary Kadi Manoah, Mother, Kampala, Uganda.

“I see myself as full-time pastor in a church with a children’s home to cater for the very many parentless kids in this country. I want to run other developmental projects, too, as part of my contribution to nation building.”
Elias Seme, Pastor, Yei, South Sudan.

“In five years I see myself as professional and vocal journalist.”
Daniel Friday, Student, Kampala, Uganda.

“I think in five years time I will be an independent person, standing on my own two feet and able to support my parents.”
Khamis Emmanuel Napoleon, Student, Kampala, Uganda.

“I want to go back to school to do my master’s degree and get married within five years. I would hope that I get a baby as soon as am married too.”
Vicky Liong, Kampala, Uganda.

“In five years from now, I shall be in the south provided the situation improves. I have repeatedly thought of migration. I am ready to move to any country that can secure my living, job and dignity. Our leaders have failed to govern. But still, I’ll be in South Sudan after five years.”
Melli Isaaq, Juba, SouthSudan.

“I was born in Juba and have lived in Khartoum. I am proud of my nationality and will never leave my country. I will not move to any other country within the coming five years unless I have been forced away by war. South Sudan will be peaceful and stable.”
Hayat Winston, Juba, South Sudan.

“In five years, I believe that the South will be safe and will have good politicians who are aware of the people’s issues.”
Chol Gaj Chol, Juba, South Sudan.

“My aim is to give South Sudan the best I can. In five years from now, I’ll be in Juba because the south will be a developed country. It will be difficult for me to leave my country and go elsewhere.”
James Obwaj, Juba, South Sudan.

“It is difficult for me to decide where I will be in five years – everything will depend on the country’s situation. If it is stable, I’ll discard the migration option and will be ready to spend my life in Juba. Otherwise, I may migrate or be displaced.”
Azrag Paul Deng, Juba, South Sudan.

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