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The Niles #18
The cross-border conflict and collaboration issue

Dominik Lehnert
The Niles correspondents explore a variety of cross-border projects that aspire to mitigate current troubles in the Nile Basin, helping prepare the region for a future always vastly different from today.
15.08.2022  |  Entebbe, Uganda
 (photo: MiCT The Niles)
(photo: MiCT The Niles)

Always is a long time. And since change happens constantly, nothing — not even trouble — is permanent. So making plans with only trouble in mind is futile. When dealing with challenges and danger, we should remember that things change and be prepared for what could come next. Trouble Don’t Last Always.



This is Sakimatwematwe | Dominik Lehnert

Nile Basin
What unites Nile countries is more than what divides them | Rehab Abd Almohsen

Ethiopia & South Sudan
The many conflicts within the Ethiopia-South Sudan transboundary conflict | Selam Muluegta & Winnie Cirino

Rwanda & Uganda
Lighting up Rwanda with help from Uganda | Fred Mwasa & Ronald Musoke

Kenya & Tanzania
Relief as Kenya denies plans to construct Norera Dam | Kevin Ogutu & Anthony Mayunga

Uganda & Burundi
The Akanyaru Project: A boost to Burundi-Rwanda relations | Mugume Davis Rwakaringi & Fabien Niyonizigiye

Kenya & Uganda
The Angololo Project: Set to transform lives in Uganda and Kenya | Pius Sawa & Juliet Kasirye

Rwanda & Burundi
Overcoming conflicts to cooperate on power generation | Sadiki Businge & Ferdinand Mbonihankuye

South Sudan & Uganda
Unresolved border dispute haunts local communities | Waakhe Simon Wudu & Scovin Iceta

Tanzania & Uganda
Minziro: Tanzania’s disappearing paradise | Sylivester Domasa

Uganda & DRC
Uganda and DRC are making big strides to resolve conflicts over fish in shared waters | Henry Lutaaya

Nile Basin
Nile narratives without borders | Mugume Davis Rwakaringi & Mohamed Wadie

Test your knowledge
The Nile Basin Tangram | MiCT The Niles

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