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Dominik Lehnert
Remember, when deeds speak, words are nothing.
11.03.2022  |  Entebbe, Uganda
 (photo: The Niles)
(photo: The Niles)
That’s a wrap for our The Niles “re‹think” issue and an impressive number of words about how to safeguard the shared Nile Basin, its resources and ultimately us, its people. But remember, when deeds speak, words are nothing. Right now, it is high time for deeds.

The Niles is a shared resource: Resource persons, citizens, and contributors from across the basin exchanged ideas and knowledge to then share their collaborative work with you, our readers.

For the publication to become a truly shared resource, please feel free to republish The Niles articles and share any thoughts it has provoked. In that way, we can all work towards a social and political consensus and towards safeguarding just and peaceful communities.

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The most recent issue published can always be found on the landing page in both English and Arabic. Previous The Niles issues can be explored on our ‘In Focus’ page.

By providing this contextual information, we hope to spark an inclusive and informed exchange about Nile Basin affairs, inspire audiences to act and drive the basin’s population to thrive.

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed this issue of The Niles, and we look forward to hearing your ideas and reactions. As ever, do reach out to us through our website or our social media channels.

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When deeds speak, words are nothing
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