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The Nile Basin Tangram

Leila Bendra and Dominik Lehnert
Explore the Nile Basin Tangram and test your knowledge and imagination by recreating each riparian country’s national animal.
29.08.2022  |  Munich, Germany
 (photo: The Niles / Gunnar Bauer)
(photo: The Niles / Gunnar Bauer)


Seven simple geometric shapes, which together form a square, are needed to make a tangram. By dividing and rearranging the tans, you can contour up imaginative figures.
Each shape can be turned around and placed next to other shapes. Each player places the shapes in the form of a pattern or a familiar figure, like an animal or person.
It is the same with countries or communities seeking to cooperate. As long as we keep the final pattern in mind, that of an interconnected and interdependent world, it will not be too difficult to find how we fit with one another.
Just as the borders of the different tangram shapes fade into the background when the final pattern emerges, so will the boundaries separating us become barely visible lines when genuine cooperation is achieved.
Each shape is an entity in its own right, but, together with others, they achieve something none of them could reach alone: a new, more meaningful form.
Think of each Nile riparian country’s national animal and make the 11 shapes using all seven pieces.
[You’ll find the 11 solutions on the back cover here.]