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Dominik Lehnert


 (photo: The Niles / Gunnar Bauer)
The Nile Basin Tangram
29.08.2022  |  Society
Lega, Three-Headed Figure (Sakimatwemtwe), 19th century. Brooklyn Museum, Museum Expedition 1922, Robert B. Woodward Memorial Fund, 22.486. Creative Commons-BY (photo: Brooklyn Museum)
This is Sakimatwematwe
15.08.2022  |  Society
 (photo: The Niles)
re‹think the way we communicate
About sharing resources
11.03.2022  |  Opinion
The Niles #17
The re<think issue
11.02.2022  |  Society
Arabuko Sokoke is a board game commonly played in Kenya’s coastal region.  (photo: The Niles / Anthony Ochieng)
The board is bigger than we think
11.02.2022  |  Society
Sailing away on the Nile in Cairo. (photo: The Niles / Asmaa Gamal)
The Niles 16
Before you sail away
19.10.2021  |  Society
A sailor in Egypt’s capital Cairo. (photo: The Niles / Asmaa Gamal)
The Niles #16
The Nile Media Awards Issue
28.09.2021  |  Society
The Sennar Dam in Sudan, February 20, 2020. (photo: The Niles | Dominik Lehnert)
Risks, actions & benefits
Do dams cause more problems than they solve?
16.03.2021  |  Society
Sudan’s Roseires Dam. (photo: OFID / F. Albassam)
The cascade effect
Sharing information, knowledge and experience
22.02.2021  |  Politics
The Jebel Aulia Dam in Sudan. (photo: Google Earth)
The Niles #15
The dam issue
22.02.2021  |  Society
Maize is a key staple crop across the Nile Basin due to its variety, plentitude and easy cultivation. (photo: The Niles | Davis Mugume)
The Niles #14
The Food & Food Security Issue
15.12.2019  |  Society
The Niles contributors at the shores of Lake Tana, August 2018.  (photo: The Niles | Bullen Chol)
Rethinking conservation
What price are we willing to pay?
25.03.2019  |  Society
 (photo: The Niles | Nik Lehnert)
The Niles #13
The Conservation Issue
25.03.2019  |  Society