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Gale Julius

Gale Julius Dada is a South Sudanese journalist based in Juba. He started working in the media sector in July 2014, by then for The Citizen TV (CTV) and its affiliated newspaper. He then joined the Junubi Weekly newspaper in December 2014 and since August 2015 he works as reporter and presenter at Bakhita Radio in Juba. Gale holds a Certificate in Journalism from Makerere Institute of Social Development (MISD) and holds a Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Uganda Media Consultants and Trainers (UMCAT) institute. He joined The Niles in June 2016.

Nile Model Secondary School in Juba, May 20, 2016. (photo: The Niles | Waakhe Simon Wudu)
3/Adolescence: The wicked world beyond the nest
Educated with no prospects
16.12.2016  |  Archive