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Fabien Niyonizigiye

Fabien Niyonizigiye is a journalist for Radio Télévision Nationale du Burundi (RTNB). He works in the TV department and focuses on environmental issues.

Wetlands across the Nile Basin are threatened by pollution, siltation, conversions into agricultural land, settlement, infrastructural development, climate change and deforestation. (photo: Flickr / John & Mel Kots)
re‹think the way we use land
Wetlands: A vital tool to mitigate climate change
7.03.2022  |  Society
Maize is a key staple crop across the Nile Basin. (photo: The Niles | Davis Mugume)
Grow plentiful and nutritious maize!
27.12.2019  |  Society
A project site of Lake Cyohoha ecosystem recovery programme on October 13, 2015. (photo: Green Fund Rwanda)
The impact of human activity
Is Lake Cyohoha’s biodiversity declining?
9.03.2018  |  Society