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Ayuen Akuot

Ayuen Akuot Atem De Mayen joined the MiCT The Niles team in 2016. Ayuen has been writing and reporting for several daily and weekly newspapers in South Sudan since 2011. Currently he works as a senior reporter for the National Today Newspaper in Juba. Ayuen reports on numerous topics ranging from politics and economics to humanitarian and cultural issues. He holds a Bachelor degree of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism, University of Juba. Currently he is pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration.

Relatives of a schoolgirl soon to be married celebrate after receiving cattle as dowery in Aweil on February 20, 2016. (photo: The Niles | Abraham Agoth)
4/Marriage: Bonds forged in traditions
Married to a ghost
20.12.2016  |  Population
A woman in a temporary IDP camp in Juba prepares a meal for her kids, April 8, 2016. (photo: The Niles | Waakhe Simon Wudu)
Time to return?
29.04.2016  |  Society
          South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir (right) and Riek Machar ahead of a reception of Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir in Juba, April 12, 2013. (photo: The Niles | Waakhe Simon Wudu)
Breaking news
Machar’s return to Juba postponed
18.04.2016  |  Breaking news