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Jennifer Nakaye. (photo: The Niles / Pius Sawa)
Better beans
14.06.2022  |  Economy
Dr. Kevin Wheeler. (photo: Oxford Martin School)
Q&A / Negotiations over rivers
Working with a friend rather than an adversary
10.06.2022  |  Society
 (photo: The Niles)
re‹think the way we communicate
About sharing resources
11.03.2022  |  Opinion
 (photo: The Niles)
re‹think the way we communicate
Stick to the facts, avoid sparking conflict
10.03.2022  |  Opinion
 (photo: The Niles)
re‹think the way we communicate
Cease nationalistic reporting, embrace diverse sources
9.03.2022  |  Opinion
A satellite image of the Sudd taken from the China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite 4. (photo: Flickr / John & Mel Kots)
re‹think the way we use land
South Sudan’s struggle for its wetlands
8.03.2022  |  Politics
Wetlands across the Nile Basin are threatened by pollution, siltation, conversions into agricultural land, settlement, infrastructural development, climate change and deforestation. (photo: Flickr / John & Mel Kots)
re‹think the way we use land
Wetlands: A vital tool to mitigate climate change
7.03.2022  |  Society
A drip irrigation line. (photo: Flickr / Joby Elliott)
re‹think the way we eat
Improving food security: One drip at a time
25.02.2022  |  Economy
A cattle farmer herding his animals.  (photo: The Niles / Pius Sawa)
re‹think the way we eat
How to unlock opportunities and lower emissions
25.02.2022  |  Society
A worker on Mahmoud Yasin’s farm. (photo: The Niles / Elzahraa Jadallah)
re‹think the way we eat
Tuti Island farming: Survival of the wealthiest
24.02.2022  |  Economy
A fisherman retrieves his casted net at night.  (photo: Anthony Ochieng / TonyWild)
re‹think the way we live & work
Rusinga Island’s climate-smart fishers
24.02.2022  |  Economy
Erosion at the Mpanga River. (photo: The Niles / Henry Lutaaya)
re‹think the way we live & work
Water hostilities
23.02.2022  |  Society
The Katosi water treatment plant. (photo: The Niles / Ronald Musoke)
re‹think the way we live & work
Rethinking water security
21.02.2022  |  Politics
Florence Nzambuli at her home in Mutomo, Kenya.  (photo: The Niles / Pius Sawa)
re‹think the way we live & work
Climate change: ‘To whom does it belong to’?
18.02.2022  |  Society
Godi Swalleh Safi, Executive Director of Help Food Security and Livelihoods Africa (HF-Africa), moulding plastic waste into interlocking bricks.  (photo: The Niles / Waakhe Simon Wudu)
re‹think the way we use resources
Dealing with the scourge of waste
18.02.2022  |  Economy
The Flipflopi is the world’s very first 100 percent recycled plastic dhow (sailing boat), covered in 30,000 multicoloured flip flops. (photo: Redningsselskapet / Sofi Lundin)
re‹think the way we use resources
Lake Victoria: Plastic on the water we drink
17.02.2022  |  Society
The Association for the Protection of the Environment (APE) teaches women how to recycle different materials. (photo: The Niles / Asmaa Gamal)
re‹think the way we use resources
Recycling began in our mothers’ kitchens
16.02.2022  |  Society
Fishers on Lake Edward. (photo: Flickr / Travel Aficionado)
re‹think policies & investments
Lake Edward: My fish, your fish, our fish
15.02.2022  |  Politics
Wind turbines in Adama, Ethiopia. (photo: CIFOR / Ollivier Girard)
re‹think policies & investments
Green investments to battle climate change
14.02.2022  |  Economy
Dr. Michael Kizza, Deputy Executive Director,  Nile Basin Initiative.   (photo: The Niles / Henry Lutaaya)
re‹think policies & investments
Rethinking regional investments
11.02.2022  |  Economy
The Niles 17
The re<think issue
11.02.2022  |  Society
Arabuko Sokoke is a board game commonly played in Kenya’s coastal region.  (photo: The Niles / Anthony Ochieng)
The board is bigger than we think
11.02.2022  |  Society
Sailing away on the Nile in Cairo. (photo: The Niles / Asmaa Gamal)
The Niles 16
Before you sail away
19.10.2021  |  Society
The Egyptian photographer and filmmaker Asmaa Gamal during a The Niles editorial conference. (photo: The Niles / Bullen Chol)
Winner Photo | NMA 2021
A few words with Asmaa Gamal
19.10.2021  |  Society
Production team member Yosra Mostafa in Entebbe, Uganda. (photo: The Niles / Dominik Lehnert)
Winners TV | NMA 2021
A few words with Sadiki Businge and Mugume Davis
19.10.2021  |  Society
Yves Rugira hosting a show at Radio Salus. (photo: Personal photo / Yves Rugira)
Winner Radio | NMA 2021
A few words with Yves Rugira
19.10.2021  |  Society
Journalists covering the Nile Day celebrations in Khartoum, February 22, 2020. (photo: The Niles / Dominik Lehnert)
The Nile Media Awards 2021
Are you more of a number or a word person?
19.10.2021  |  Society
Rehab Abd Almohsen during the Nile Media Awards ceremony in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. (photo: NBI / Elizabeth Agiro)
Winner Digital | NMA 2021
A few words with Rehab Abd Almohsen
7.10.2021  |  Society