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“Black Tide”

MiCT The Niles
The oil industry in South Sudan takes a heavy toll on people and the environment – an art collective is tired of the ongoing pollution.
24.04.2019  |  Juba, South Sudan
 (photo: Anataban)
(photo: Anataban)

Ana Taban released their song “Black Tide” on April 23, 2019, a video on “South Sudan’s silent killer” - oil pollution.

The oil industry’s spewing of toxic wastes into South Sudan’s groundwater is an environmental time bomb, affecting not only people and animals, but also a resource of great ecological importance in the Nile Basin – the Sudd swamplands.

What is most important is getting a cleaner environment.

The area which the swamp covers hosts unique biodiversity and is one of the world’s largest freshwater wetlands and the largest in the Nile Basin.

“The reason why we made “Black Tide” is because the crisis is getting worse and worse every day,” says John Ador Akoy, a South Sudanese activist with Anataban.

“We the people of South Sudan need to move forward and take care of this problem – even if it means pumping less oil. What is most important is getting a cleaner environment, because that means a healthier society and that is what we so badly need”, John adds.



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