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Small Arms: If the evil is coming shut the door
Approximately three million small arms are circulating in Sudan & South Sudan. The Niles takes a closer look: Where do the weapons come from? What societal role do they play? But most importantly: How many weapons are needed to establish peace and to ensure that the door on evil no longer has to be shut, as the proverb suggests?

Following the trail of bullets

Charlton Doki and Adam Mohamed
How guns became the greatest foe of Sudan and South Sudan.

SALW: laws and definition

MiCT The Niles
The laws regulating the private possession of guns in Sudan and South Sudan as well as a definition of ‘Small Arms and Light Weapons’ at a glance.

A soldier is his uniform

MiCT The Niles
The following picture is a collage of different parts of military uniforms in Sudan and South Sudan.

It’s the natural resources!

MiCT The Niles
The 2013/14 violent conflicts in Sudan and South Sudan, and their economic causes.
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Up in arms: the bladesmith

Hamid Ibrahim
How weapons influence everyday life: Accounts of relationships between guns and their owners — the bladesmith.