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A homestead in Warrap State affected by floods, August 18, 2015. (photo: The Niles | Malek Deng)
Land: Those who have no fence around their land...
... have no enemies. The two Sudans argue over minerals and borders. But is the answer fewer fences – as the East African idiom suggests? The Niles’ contributors tackle this sensitive topic and have no easy answers. But they have at least sown the seeds of fresh ideas in the third edition of The Niles. Hopefully they will land on fertile ground.
Gabriel Changson Chang
Gabriel Changson Chang
Gabriel Changson Chang

“Cruise Liners for Honeymoons”

Charlton Doki
South Sudan’s former Wildlife Conservation and Tourism Minister Gabriel Changson Chang talks about why visitors and investors should come to South Sudan, despite external perceptions that his country is unsafe.

Potholes are the pits

Simon Bingo
Juba’s residents have serious concerns about the deteriorating condition of the Juba-Nimule road, blighted by potholes.

Barkal Pyramids: Landmark of Sudan’s glorious past

Samia Ibrahim
The Jebel Barkal Pyramids have been neglected for long, but visitors to the ancient site can feel its magnificence and historical importance.