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A homestead in Warrap State affected by floods, August 18, 2015. (photo: The Niles | Malek Deng)
Land: Those who have no fence around their land...
... have no enemies. The two Sudans argue over minerals and borders. But is the answer fewer fences – as the East African idiom suggests? The Niles’ contributors tackle this sensitive topic and have no easy answers. But they have at least sown the seeds of fresh ideas in the third edition of The Niles. Hopefully they will land on fertile ground.

“What does the word land mean to you?”

MiCT The Niles
The Niles correspondents from across Sudan and South Sudan were asked “What does the word land mean to you?”. Their answers are captured in this slideshow.

Breaking Grounds

Akim Mugisa
South Sudan is blessed with fertile land – but it has a darker side. Clashes and land-grabbing have soured many peoples’ close-knit relationship with their soil.

Stake a Claim

Adam Mohamed
The land question in Sudan is much older than the country itself; a look at the historical struggle of rights and ownership.

The ground beneath their feet

O. Hannington and Reem Abbas Shawkat
Tahani Mohamed sells tea in Khartoum and wants to go home. Alex Remo digs for mines in Yei and wants to study. A story of two strangers hoping for a new start.

Blurred Borders

MiCT The Niles
Land disputes in Sudan and South Sudan hinge on border demarcation. Yet, more than 1,000 years of maps demonstrate the cartographic fluidity of boundaries.
شروق الشمس خارج مدينة جوبا، 17 ديسمبر، 2012.
Rifts over Land
7.04.2014  |  Archive
مزرعة في بنتيو، 11 يونيو،  2012
The race for a plot
8.04.2014  |  Archive
A 70 year old woman in her vegetable garden in Mayen Abun, Twic County of Warrap State, South Sudan, March 13, 2013.
Investors vs. Farmers
9.04.2014  |  Archive
A farmer in Dongola, the Northern State. (photo:  Hassan Berkia)
A Tinderbox
10.04.2014  |  Archive
A construction site in South Sudan’s capital Juba, October 17, 2011.
Looking for Land
11.04.2014  |  Archive
A street in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, March 31, 2012.
Priced Beyond Belief
14.04.2014  |  Archive
Budding Prospects
22.04.2014  |  Archive
Potholes are the pits
24.04.2014  |  Archive