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Up in arms: the sports shooter

Hassan Faroog
How weapons influence everyday life: Accounts of relationships between guns and people — the sports shooter.
17.12.2014  |  Khartoum
محمد حسن نوفل.
محمد حسن نوفل.

Mohamed Hassan Nawfal, a shooter and a shooting coach, practices in Khartoum but doesn’t own a gun:

Mr. Nawfal, when did you start shooting?

In 2006 as rifle training was part of our military service. Later I worked at shooting clubs and got interested in the sport.

Tell us about this sport in Sudan?

Shooting lacks resources. Most players pay for their own travel to attend international tournaments. I participated in the recent Arab Championship held in Khartoum in January 2014.

Do you personally own any weapons?

No. All the weapons I use belong to the Federation.

Does shooting as a sport have anything in common with shooting in other areas, such as in war or for self-defence?

All it has in common is the aiming technique. Players are better than others at shooting since they are familiar with aiming rules and know about psychology.