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“The Islamic Movement has, above all, morally failed”

Rishan Oshi
Dr. Tayeb Zein El-Abidine, professor of political science at the University of Khartoum, explains his call for Sudan’s President Bashir not to run again.
28.10.2014  |  Khartoum
البروفسيور الطيب زين العابدين، سادس يونيو 2011.
البروفسيور الطيب زين العابدين، سادس يونيو 2011.

Q: In your last article published on the Sudanile website, you stressed the need for President Omar Al-Bashir not to run again for the presidency and you supported your argument with several laws and the constitution. Who is the alternative in your opinion?

A: I have lived through the military regimes since the rule of the late Ibrahim Abboud and every time there is an opportunity of change, the question of ‘who is the alternative?’ comes up as an unattainable situation.  

No individual is entitled to the candidacy for all leadership positions for more than two terms.”
When we first ignited the revolution, we did not know who would be the alternative. However, things worked just fine. The National Congress Party (NCP) is the largest amongst the current political parties and we have a greater opportunity to elect a president from several candidates.

In the NCP’s constitution and its statute, nevertheless, it is provided that no individual is entitled to the candidacy for all leadership positions for more than two terms taking into consideration that this constitution has been newly developed in 2012 under the supervision of Ali Osman Mohamed Taha.

Q: The Islamic Movement (IM), the National Congress Party (NCP) being part of it, shares your view, why not bringing forth a new personality then?

A: It is true we are not sure of the available aptitudes, but such change is necessary. The Communist Party, after the death of Mohamed Ibrahim Nugud, elected an obscure character, not to mention the ability of a party that claims to include 6 million  members of finding one alternative.

A competition is highly expected among the candidates like the one which took place between Nafie and Ali Osman until the president removed them from office.

Any member of the NCP deserves to be president because when president Al-Bashir was brought to office after the coup, he was not a member of the IM or a political activist.

Q: In your opinion, who is best suited to succeed Al-Bashir?

A: Ali Osman is the most appropriate replacement followed by Bakri Hassan Saleh as he still lacks the required political capabilities. He is a military character rather than a politician, but he is suitable since he has not been associated with any corruption or disgraceful act so far.

Q: Do you not believe that the candidacy of current Vice Ppresident General Bakri Hassan Saleh represents a reproduction of military rule?

I am shocked to see it [the IM] has produced such a corrupt regime.”
A: No, because he will be nominated by the party. Saleh’s case differs from that of Al-Bashir since the latter was a mere military figure when he came to office and he refused to give up the military uniform even when Turabi from the rescue battalion asked him to do so.

Therefore, when Bakri is nominated by the party, he will not enjoy the same military power obtained by Al-Bashir.

Q: Has the IM not failed in presenting a successor and establishing the state institutions? Haven’t you produced a state run by individuals?

A: It has failed miserably. I have been working at the IM for 35 years, and I am shocked to see it has produced such a corrupt regime the mischiefs of which had serious impacts an all Sudan. The IM has, above all, morally failed.

Q: In his last speech, the president delivered messages for several parties. How do you perceive them?

A: In his last speech, the president has contradicted the ‘road map’ by talking about the armed movements, which has no choice but to be merged and discharged, in addition to the issue of freedoms, which he confined by defined limits, and the matter of the transitional government.

Such statements are driven by absolute power. Al-Bashir must be replaced since he has spent long years in power and no longer responds to the people’s demands.