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‘Farming God’s Way’ fails to deliver

O. Hannington
A farming technique introduced by an agriculture expert in Yei fails to deliver the promised results, plunging a group of widows into misery.
18.08.2014  |  Yei

© The Niles | Ochan Hannington

For the past two years a group of widows in Yei County has been ‘Farming God’s Way’, a technique introduced by the agriculture expert ‘Steve’. As the technique fails to deliver the promised result, the widows plunge deeper into misery.

The widows and their families say Steve’s technique, ‘Farming God’s Way,’ has left them starving and increased their poverty.  

The expert who introduced the technique is linked to the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). UMCOR in Yei declined to comment.

Instead of an increased output, the technique has left the widows and their families with even less food — now they regret having abandoned their traditional way of farming: