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‘Agriculture is our backbone’

O. Hannington
Juma Jero and his JJ D Musika group in Yei, encourage people to embark on agriculture.
22.07.2014  |  Yei
Juma Jero, a musician in Yei, June 2014.
Juma Jero, a musician in Yei, June 2014.

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‘Zira’ by JJ D Musika.The JJ D Musika group, comprising of 12 South Sudanese youth, started in 2003 with wooden guitars and self-made drums.

Since then they have produced numerous songs — the latest one entitled ‘Zira’, a song encouraging people to cultivate.
Ochan Hannington met the head of the group Juma Jero in Yei, speaking with him about the song ‘Zira’ and the group’s motivation to produce it: