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“I had to leave behind my ten-year-old son”

Hamid Ibrahim
810km | Aziza Kafi Abdullah fears for his son and family who stayed behind in the Nuba Mountains.
23.02.2016  |  Kassala, Sudan
 (photo: The Niles | Mayu Nakai)
(photo: The Niles | Mayu Nakai)

> Departure: Dalang, Nuba Mountains, Sudan
> Arrival: Kassala, Sudan
> Distance: 810km
> Name: Aziza Kafi Abdullah
> Previous occupation: None
> Current occupation: Cracking and selling stones

Where did you run from?

Dalang, Nuba Mountains.

Where do you plan to go?

I wish that peace would prevail in the Nuba Mountains so that I could return to my hometown of Dalang.

What item do you wish you had taken with you?

The most precious thing I left behind is my ten-year-old son, who I left with his aunt in Kadugli for fear of the risks on the road during our displacement.

Why do you still dream of this?

My son is in the fifth grade of basic education. Whenever I hear about the intense military operations, I feel very sad and I fear for my son and family who stayed in the mountains.

What is your favourite item now?

My work, although it is hard.

What makes this item very precious?

Because it brings income enough to support my family including my two daughters.

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