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What would you take along?
“The boda-boda is not mine but I like it”

Esther Muwombi
180km | Muhamed Swale lives in Nyumanzi camp in Uganda but wants to return to South Sudan soon.
15.01.2016  |  Nyumanzi, Uganda
Muhamed Swale in Nyumanzi camp, Uganda. (photo: The Niles | Esther Muwombi)
Muhamed Swale in Nyumanzi camp, Uganda. (photo: The Niles | Esther Muwombi)

> Departure: Juba, South Sudan
> Arrival: Nyumanzi camp, Uganda
> Distance: 180km > Name: Muhamed Swale
> Previous occupation: Security guard at Jebel Barracks
> Current occupation: Boda-boda motorcyclist


Where did you run from?


Where do you plan to go?

Back to my country next month.

What do you wish you could have taken with you? And why do you still dream of it?

My construction materials and motorcycle. Both those items are of great use and I need them in this camp right now. People are building every day and I would make money if I had those construction materials. Also, now I am riding someone else’s motorcycle to earn a living.

What is your favourite item now? And what makes this item very precious?

This motorcycle. Although the motorcycle is not mine, it’s my job so it is precious to me.

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