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Breaking rocks for a living

Male Daniel
At the foot of Mount Korok in South Sudan’s capital Juba people try to make ends meet crushing stones.
8.10.2015  |  Juba, South Sudan

Children as young as 12, women and men in their 50s and 60s break stones at the foot of Mount Korok, commonly known as Jebel Kujur.

Ohure, a 12-year-old boy, says he works to support his two sisters and four brothers who all attend primary school in Torit. His father cultivates crops for the family. Ohure’s mother died in 2015. It was his hope that his work would help to build a good house for his family members.

But since South Sudan’s political conflict turned violent in December 2013, Ohure’s hopes have been shattered. The formerly fledging construction market has shrunk.

While Ohure could make up to 250 South Sudanese Pound per heap of stones before December 2013, today, the rock breakers make around SSP 150 SSP a heap.

The Niles correspondent Male Daniel visited Ohure and his fellow stone crushers of Mount Korok, and captured their work in images:

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