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Out-of-date food on sale in Warrap State markets

Aping Kuluel
Public Health officials in Warrap State warn that local markets are selling food stuffs including beer, powdered milk and flour past their best-before dates.
8.12.2012  |  Kuajok
An officer checks the expiry dates of goods in Kuajok, November 20.
An officer checks the expiry dates of goods in Kuajok, November 20.

During a four-day-long crackdown in local markets, police officials found several traders selling commodities which were no longer in date.
Several traders were endangering our people by selling for them expired goods,” public health committee member Ring Aguek told The Niles.

According to the Public Health Supervisor Julia Awien, a total of 31 local and foreign traders were found with expired commodities.

Town council authorities collect expired goods in Kuajok, November 22.
© The Niles | Aping Kuluel
The authorities confiscated various expired goods such as beer, flour, rice, sugar, power milk, sodas, cakes, sweets and biscuits. We have seized their commodities,” she said, adding that the offending traders would be arrested.

We discovered that they sold their expired products at night and over the weekends meanwhile bigger portions of those goods are taken to counties and villages to be sold.”

During the crackdown, several shops were closed down including three shops with over 3,000 crates of beer. Among other goods seized were 40 bags of flour, 78 bags of rice, over 40 cartons of power milk and more than 20 damaged bags of sugar.

Abel David, an Eritrean who sells extra beer in Kwajok, argues that he was not selling but was simply storing them before sending them back.