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Anti-malaria medicine offers lifeline to Lakes State patients

Majok Mon
Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF) distributed anti-malaria drugs across Lakes State, saving the lives of thousands of people hit by the recent outbreak of the disease.
23.10.2012  |  Rumbek
Andrew Mbalal, the MSF deputy medical coordinator in Lakes State, October 19.
Andrew Mbalal, the MSF deputy medical coordinator in Lakes State, October 19.

MSF said it is distributing 2.5 tonnes of anti-malaria drugs, a lifeline for thousands of people at the brunt of an outbreak in the state.

Its move followed a call from the state ministry of health last month, warning it lacked anti-malaria drugs to treat those affected.

Deputy medical coordinator of MSF Andrew Mbala said the agency will distribute the medicines among 11 health facilities in Lakes State.

MSF does not have active projects in Lakes State, but the organisation is supplying drugs to thousands people suffering from malaria.”

He added that the organisation will provide a monthly supply until the end of December when the malaria rate is expected to sink.

As well as distributing anti-malaria drugs, it would also provide RDTs (Rapid Diagnostic Tests) for accurate diagnosis of malaria.
To avoid malaria infections, MSF will also distribute 18.000 mosquito nets to health centres to help local people including pregnant mothers and children avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, carriers of the disease.

The team will stay for three months in Lakes State to continue assessment on other health issues. They will also monitor how the drugs are issued and collect data on malaria in the state.

State Minister of Health Daniel Gumwel Nhomabur welcomed the move, saying it will help the thousands of people with malaria in the state.

MSF is supplying drugs to Rumbek State Hospital and Primary Health Care Centres (PHCC) in Wulu, Tonjo, Abiriu, Cueibet, Pacong, Adol, Mabor-Duang and Nyang Yirol East, as well as to Billing Hospital and Yirol Hospital.