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Aguer says SAF bombed South Sudan

Charlton Doki
South Sudan’s military accuses the Sudanese army of bombing villages in Upper Nile State, killing five people.
22.06.2015  |  Juba
Philip Aguer in Bentiu, January 14, 2014.
Philip Aguer in Bentiu, January 14, 2014.

Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) Spokesman, Colonel Philip Aguer, says the bombing raid was carried by a Sudanese war plane on Monday, May 15, 2015. A Sudanese Antonov plane bombed villages in Upper Nile State on the 15 of this month,” Aguer says.

He adds the Sudanese war plane bombed an area north east of Renk County and some of the bombs were dropped on SPLA positions in a place called Babanith and another place called Atam in Renk County and Sheta in Maban County”.

All places are near the Sudan-South Sudan border.

All these three unprovoked aggressions by the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) have resulted into the killing of innocent civilians. Four children and one SPLA soldier were killed in Sheta. This is in addition to nine SPLA soldiers wounded and the destruction of the SPLA base in Babanith,” Aguer explains.

He condemned what he termed a barbaric violation of South Sudanese territories and killing of innocent people in the border areas by Sudanese war planes”.

Sudanese military officials have repeatedly denied accusations that their air force has on many occasions bombed villages inside South Sudan. They have often insisted that they only bomb positions of the SPLA-North fighters inside South Kordofan and Blue Nile states, or positions of Darfuri rebels in South Darfur State.

But Aguer says this week’s bombing took place in areas that are inside South Sudan. These are SPLA bases and Sheta is a village deep inside Maban County”.