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Simon Bingo

Simon Bingo was born in 1986 and studied TV and video production at Nairobi University in Kenya. He works as a producer, editor and presenter at South Sudan Television (SSTV)and as a presenter at the City FM Radio station in Juba, moderating the early morning show. He also contributes as a freelance video correspondent for The Niles project. Simon further participated in the Juba Youth project.

The remains of the White Nile Brewery in Wau, April 22, 2015. (photo: The Niles | Simon Bingo)
“No beer”
18.11.2016  |  Archive
Some of the most common fish in the Nile: 1. Bayad (Bagrus bajad); 2. Fahaka pufferfish (Tetraodon lineatus); 3. Electric catfish (Malapterurus electricus). (photo: The Niles | Illustrations by Mayu Nakai)
Fish & Ships
Fishing in Juba
17.11.2016  |  Archive
Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro. (photo: The Niles | Simon Bingo)
Back to learning
14.08.2015  |  Archive
Joseph Kalungi, aka Selector Culture. (photo: The Niles | Simon Bingo)
“We mix like mad”
11.08.2015  |  Archive
Eid al-Adha in Juba
10.10.2014  |  Archive
“This water can kill”
12.09.2014  |  Archive
The German Ambassador to South Sudan David Schwake after handing over the footballs and jerseys in Juba, July 18.
A shared joy
23.07.2014  |  Archive
Potholes are the pits
24.04.2014  |  Archive