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Pius Sawa

Pius Sawa Murefu is a multimedia journalist based in Kisumu, Kenya. He has over ten years of experience in radio, TV and online reporting. He owns Zetu Media Services in Kenya.

Jennifer Nakaye. (photo: The Niles / Pius Sawa)
Better beans
14.06.2022  |  Economy
A cattle farmer herding his animals.  (photo: The Niles / Pius Sawa)
re‹think the way we eat
How to unlock opportunities and lower emissions
25.02.2022  |  Society
Florence Nzambuli at her home in Mutomo, Kenya.  (photo: The Niles / Pius Sawa)
re‹think the way we live & work
Climate change: ‘To whom does it belong to’?
18.02.2022  |  Society