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Marvis Birungi

Marvis worked as senior stringer for Voice of America (VOA) in Juba. She joined The Niles project in October 2009. Marvis was a reporter for The Citizen newspaper and the Sudan Catholic Radio Network. She also contributed to the Juba Post and to Liberty FM as a freelancer.Many of Marvis’ stories focus on minority rights, with a growing interest in shedding light on the rights and struggles of the LGBTQ community members. She believes that the role and importance of media is still undervalued, especially in South Sudan and “it is this kind of challenge which motivates me,” Marvis says.

Victor Ngor Majok Ngor in Kampala. (photo: The Niles | Marvis Birungi)
Lessons in life
2.03.2016  |  Archive
Darfur, Jun 23, 2013. (photo: The Niles | Mohamed Hilali)
Crossing the deadly sea
21.12.2015  |  Archive
A refugee child in an improvised school in Northern Uganda, April 29.
Between despair and hope
15.05.2014  |  Archive
Mer Matthew Obur during the interview with Marvis Birungi in Juba, August 6.
“Mama don’t cry”
11.08.2012  |  Archive
Open-air classrooms are typical in South Sudan.
Schools in desperate need
11.10.2011  |  Archive
This girl, supported by \'Confident Children out of Conflict\', is one of many street-children who want to go to school.
Take me to school
9.05.2011  |  Archive
The ARF Chairpersons Dr. Chol Deng Alak (right) and Mading Deng (left).
Situation: Critical
6.05.2011  |  Archive
At the verge of their independence, Southern Sudanese wait with great anticipation for their Independence Day.
Independence in the making
17.03.2011  |  Archive
Was the raid on The Citizen an \'isolated incident\' or a precedent for more censorship to come?
Free media still on hold
24.02.2011  |  Archive
New nation - new name?
26.01.2011  |  Archive
Omar Al Bashir, the President of Sudan during his probably last visit in this capacity to Juba, the capital of the semiautonomous region of Southern Sudan.
Respect our decision
4.01.2011  |  Archive
A gazelle poached in the Boma National Park, Jonglei state
Is it worth the sacrifice?
31.05.2010  |  Archive
GoSS President Salva Kiir waving to thousands who attended his first election rally in Juba
Kiir campaigns
25.02.2010  |  Archive