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Joseph Nashion

Joseph Nashion started his work as journalist for Open Gate Radio in Mbale, Uganda. Since his return to South Sudan, where he was born, he volunteers for Western Equatoria State’s local radio station Yambio FM and works as a State Correspondent for the Gurtong Peace and Media Project. Nashion joined team in November 2012. He holds a certificate in laboratory science and technology and he attended a number of journalism trainings held in Yambio, where he is well known for his humble character and his jokes.

Call a donkey! Water business in Yambio. (photo: The Niles | Joseph Nashion)
Rider on the storm
15.11.2016  |  Archive
South Sudanese refugees arriving in northern Uganda, July 2016. (photo: UNHCR | Marc Hofer)
Exodus to Uganda continues
28.07.2016  |  Archive
Kuajok, South Sudan, April 21, 2014. (photo: The Niles | Aping Kuluel)
The element of blessings
21.03.2016  |  Archive
Benjamin Wani Khamis
Up in arms: the poacher
18.12.2014  |  Archive