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Hamid Ibrahim

Hamid Ibrahim is a Sudanese journalist from Kassala. Hamid holds a Bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Omdurman. He started working in the field of journalism as an amateur in 1998. He spent 10 years in Saudi Arabia, where his journalistic carrier came to a halt. He resumed his work as a journalist in 2008 and has been working professionally in a number of newspapers such as Al-Wifag, Al-Tayyar, Al-Sudani, and Alwan. Hamid is currently working with Al-Karar newspaper. He joined The Niles project in 2013.

Children waiting to receive medication in Kajo Keji, May 2, 2014. (photo: The Niles | Pascal Ladu)
2/Birth: Despite all odds, life begins anyway
Born without a trace
14.12.2016  |  Archive
Saleh Mahmoud in Kassala, Sudan. (photo: The Niles | Hamid Ibrahim)
Lost in transition
12.02.2016  |  Archive
Toys created from junk and rubbish by children living in a refugee camp. (photo: Illustration | Mayu Nakai)
What would you take along?
“I long for the trees and mountains”
12.01.2016  |  Archive