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Elzahraa Jadallah

Elzahraa Jadallah is a journalist and writer currently studying psychology at Al-Ahfad University. Elzahraa worked as a producer and presenter of TV programmes on the internet. She works at the cultural department of Sudan Vision, and as a columnist with al-Tayyar newspaper. Elzahraa published a number of short stories on online and print outlets, and she is finalising a number of new manuscripts. Elzahraa joined The Niles in June 2016.

 (photo: The Niles)
re‹think the way we communicate
Stick to the facts, avoid sparking conflict
10.03.2022  |  Opinion
A worker on Mahmoud Yasin’s farm. (photo: The Niles / Elzahraa Jadallah)
re‹think the way we eat
Tuti Island farming: Survival of the wealthiest
24.02.2022  |  Economy
The Egyptian photographer and filmmaker Asmaa Gamal during a The Niles editorial conference. (photo: The Niles / Bullen Chol)
Winner Photo | NMA 2021
A few words with Asmaa Gamal
19.10.2021  |  Society
Rehab Abd Almohsen during the Nile Media Awards ceremony in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. (photo: NBI / Elizabeth Agiro)
Winner Digital | NMA 2021
A few words with Rehab Abd Almohsen
7.10.2021  |  Society
Oil industry facility in Sudan.  (photo: InfoNile | Elzahraa Jadallah)
The dark side of Sudan’s oil
23.04.2019  |  Economy
Waste management: not high on the agenda in Khartoum. (photo: The Niles | Elzahraa Jadallah)
Piles of problems
9.04.2019  |  Society
Members of the local committee in Alshigeag Aljaalien show The Niles a new water tank on March 17, 2018. (photo: The Niles | Elzahraa Jadallah)
Taking matters into their own hands
A village in Sudan turns on the water tap
26.04.2018  |  Society
A donkey water-carriage operator in Port Sudan, December 2017. (photo: The Niles | Elzahraa Jadallah)
A long-desired dream
Can the Nile River secure Port Sudan’s water supply?
8.03.2018  |  Society
Water sold from the back of donkey carriages in Alhila Aljadeda, Sudan, December 2017.  (photo: The Niles | Elzahraa Jadallah)
Water Security
How much water can a donkey carry?
28.02.2018  |  Society
A South Sudanese women in Sudan’s capital Khartoum, September 2013. (photo: The Niles | Mohamed Hilali)
1/Identity: Reflections may seem closer than they appear
The white mask
13.12.2016  |  Archive