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Alison Lemeri

Alison Lemeri hails from Lasu, Yei River County, South Sudan. Alison discovered his passion for journalism already in school and later completed a three-month journalism training organised by Youth For Youth in collaboration with the Union of Journalists of South Sudan. After completing the training he started to work with Radio Easter Yei in 2012 and contributed to various newspapers such as The Patriot and The Nation Mirror. Currently he works for the Christian Times newspaper and takes part as contributor in MiCT The Niles project. Alison also attended many short trainings, e.g. on investigative reporting, health and humanitarian reporting, which have widened his knowledge and skills. Alison says he loves journalism, as it allows him to remind people of “the true path to follow towards nation building”.

Nearly half of all South Sudanese suffer from some form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). (photo: Stanley Greene | Noor | laif)
7/Trauma: Wounds unseen but open
Teaching how to heal
29.01.2017  |  Archive