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Agoth Abraham

Agoth Abraham Hol, known by many as “Aburoma”, hails from Mayom-Wel [Ariakriak] in Aweil East County of Northern Bahr el-Ghazal State. Abraham joined the media profession in 2010, working for Gurtong, the New Times newspaper, the New Nation newspaper and lately as well for Voice of America (VOA) and Eye Radio. He joined The Niles project in 2015. Abraham first studied management up to a diploma level and currently pursues a Bachelors’ Degree in Public Relations and Media Management. Though he never wanted to become a journalist as a child, fearing intimidation and harassment, his friends persuaded him to make use of his talent. Today, Abraham says, he feels “fortunate to share South Sudan’s challenges with the world” and hopes his work will contribute to a more “equal South Sudan”.

A family in Aweil received cows as bride-price, a central marriage tradition among the Dinka. (photo: The Niles | Agoth Abraham)
4/Marriage: Bonds forged in traditions
Deals made with dowries
21.12.2016  |  Population