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1,350 cholera cases: South Sudan battles outbreak

30.07.2015 | by Akim Mugisa

South Sudan clamps down on officials buying V8s

Four killed along Kajo-Keji-Juba road shooting

South Sudan celebrates fourth Independence Anniversary

24.07.2015 | by Agama Martha

Sawa Shabab: A peace-building radio drama

20.07.2015 | by Charlton Doki

SPLA and civilians clash in Terekeka County

17.07.2015 | by Charlton Doki

Insecurity on roads around Juba on the rise

17.07.2015 | by Nadia Asholi

Dozens reported killed in Lakes State

16.07.2015 | by Charlton Doki

Sadness and hope in Juba as people mark independence anniversary

South Sudan four years after independence: What makes a leader?

09.07.2015 | by Esther Muwombi

“We have almost nothing to celebrate”

09.07.2015 | by Estella Turukoyo

South Sudan capital faces worsening cholera outbreak

Many South Sudanese stuck in the dark, as lighting costs spiral

26.06.2015 | by Anthony Wani

Police say some official forces are committing crimes in Juba

Authorities in Yei threaten to expel NGOs not meeting their targets

16.06.2015 | by A. L.

Community Association condemns violence in Maridi

12.06.2015 | by Charlton Doki

“Peace can happen in 2015”

11.06.2015 | by Nadia Asholi

Bombings continue to terrify villagers in southern Blue Nile

11.06.2015 | by James Diar

South Sudan’s plane-builder

08.06.2015 | by Simon Bingo

Clashes claim 12 lives in Rumbek East

04.06.2015 | by Charlton Doki

Disabled people face hard struggle

03.06.2015 | by A. L.

Plastic collectors eke out a living on Juba’s rubbish dumps

01.06.2015 | by Anthony Wani

Yei authorities launch clampdown on child prostitution

26.05.2015 | by A. L.

Reintegrating child soldiers in Pibor

12.05.2015 | by Charlton Doki

Forest Whitaker: “Adults make youth a part of war”

08.05.2015 | by Anthony Wani

Project offers new start for single mothers in Yei

07.05.2015 | by A. L.

Pibor residents struggle to get clean water

06.05.2015 | by Charlton Doki

3,000 students graduate from University of Juba

Upper Nile University seeks to reopen in Juba

24.04.2015 | by Atekdit Mawien

Pariang: Polluted desert land

23.04.2015 | by Simon Bingo

Investing in human capital: putting money behind our words

20.04.2015 | by Juliana Bol

Conflict and a lack of press freedom scares off media investors in South Sudan

04.03.2015 | by Male Daniel

Ateker leaders meet in Kapoeta

08.11.2014 | by Simon Bingo

Warrap State football girls battle challenges

400,000 children have dropped out of school as a result of South Sudan’s conflict

Tackling cattle rustling a priority for newly trained ‘peace mobilisers’

05.11.2014 | by A. L.

Groundbreaking for Yei’s drinking water supply system

31.10.2014 | by A. L.

South Sudan’s responsibility towards its children

30.10.2014 | by Ochan Hannington

South Sudanese in Uganda criticise national security bill

29.10.2014 | by Esther Muwombi

“I have no bitterness, I forgive”

27.10.2014 | by Simon Bingo

Tackling avoidable labour disputes

17.10.2014 | by Ochan Hannington

Teachers in Central Equatoria lack wages, pupils struggle to learn

14.10.2014 | by A. L.

Decision to ban smoking in public places: South Sudan’s topsy-turvy priority list

Warrap health officials ramp up Ebola preparedness

Eid al-Adha in Juba

10.10.2014 | by Simon Bingo

Photo camp explores South Sudan’s talent

09.10.2014 | by Simon Bingo

Day of German Unity celebrations in Juba

AMREF free medical services initiative benefits over 300 patients in Warrap

Kenyan bank sponsors education of eight students in Warrap State

Thousands stranded after conflict on South Sudan-Uganda border

Thousands of families uprooted by floods in Warrap State

New daily paper ‘The Juba Telegraph’ debuts in South Sudan

Thousands of South Sudanese studying in Uganda struggle to pay fees

16.09.2014 | by Bonifacio Taban

Warrap State launches road rehabilitation scheme

Congested camps increase risk to contract HIV, health workers warn

12.09.2014 | by Bonifacio Taban

“This water can kill”

12.09.2014 | by Simon Bingo

Floods in Sudan: A survey in pictures

10.09.2014 | by MiCT

Juba’s fading streetlights

09.09.2014 | by Simon Bingo

Work in progress: Naming Juba’s streets

08.09.2014 | by Simon Bingo

New documentary tackles Sudan’s identity crisis

04.09.2014 | by Dalia Haj-Omar

South Sudanese students awarded with DAAD scholarship

A shared joy

23.07.2014 | by Simon Bingo

South Sudan marks third independence anniversary

Orphan and restless

05.05.2014 | by Ochan Hannington

Bishops appeal for end to violence in South Sudan and Sudan

11.02.2014 | by Charlton Doki

Nile Project concert cancelled amid ongoing violence in South Sudan

‘They [youth] are the firewood of this war’

07.02.2014 | by Charlton Doki

Conflict and censorship hamper South Sudanese journalists

Suspicion and fear overshadow Juba

06.02.2014 | by Esther Muwombi

UN appeals for USD 1.3 billion to support people in South Sudan

05.02.2014 | by Charlton Doki

‘Civil Society needs to be part of the negotiations’

23.01.2014 | by Charlton Doki

Terrified Twic East residents hiding in the swamps

22.01.2014 | by Charlton Doki

MSF leaves capital of oil-producing state after looting, locals lack doctors

21.01.2014 | by Esther Muwombi

Uganda opens third reception centre for South Sudanese refugees

17.01.2014 | by Marvis Birungi

‘Peace is what we want’

17.01.2014 | by Ochan Hannington

Violence deterred Yei residents from celebrating New Year

16.01.2014 | by Ochan Hannington

South Sudanese refugees in Uganda caught with military equipment

15.01.2014 | by Marvis Birungi

Juba residents grow sceptical about peace talks

More Than 200 South Sudanese fleeing violence drown in Nile

14.01.2014 | by Francis Michael

South Sudanese in dire need, says Red Cross

13.01.2014 | by Esther Muwombi

12,000 South Sudanese seek refuge in Uganda’s northern districts

13.01.2014 | by Marvis Birungi

Yei authorities establish IDP camp

09.01.2014 | by Ochan Hannington

The Gash River suffers, Kassala locals at risk of disease

08.01.2014 | by Hamid Ibrahim

2014: Hopes for South Sudan

03.01.2014 | by Esther Muwombi

Christmas in Yei: Fears and hopes amidst escalating violence

02.01.2014 | by Ochan Hannington

Bor in tatters after government forces reclaim town from rebels

SPLA recaptures Jonglei capital Bor

27.12.2013 | by Ejulu Elamu

Little hope for returnees seeking a job?

14.12.2013 | by Charlton Doki

Unity State probes last week’s inter-communal killings

28.11.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

Lakes State school fuels hopes for new women leaders

27.11.2013 | by Majok Mon

MP says over 10,000 people displaced from Panyang Payam

26.11.2013 | by Charlton Doki

Famine weighs on school attendance in South Sudan’s Pochalla County

Unity State launches traditional culture days

25.11.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

German-Sudanese theatre: Culture reaches beyond politics

22.11.2013 | by Hassan Berkia

Durable solutions needed for IDPs in Jonglei State

21.11.2013 | by Charlton Doki

Campaign to tackle Fistula: Government delegation visits Wau

18.11.2013 | by Simon Bingo

Four traders killed in ambush

17.11.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

South Sudan humanitarian appeal seeks USD 1.1 billion

15.11.2013 | by Charlton Doki

Jonglei State under water again, South Sudan suffers wide-spread flooding

Will South Sudan score its millennium development goals?

Unity State launches road rehabilitation project

12.11.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

Kiir Maryardit Women Hospital in Rumbek sets new standards

11.11.2013 | by Simon Bingo

5,000 DRC refugees arrived in Morobo County

11.11.2013 | by Charlton Doki

Breaking the barriers: students hold political seminar

09.11.2013 | by Ahmad Mahmoud

Officials warn oil taints drinking water in South Sudan’s Unity State

08.11.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

Education in eastern Sudan: dropouts and deprived girls

07.11.2013 | by Hamid Ibrahim

South Sudan’s prisons overcrowded

04.11.2013 | by Charlton Doki

Mines still a significant danger to communities in Unity State

02.11.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

More than 150,000 people hit by flooding in South Sudan

Do you speak Nubian? The struggle to protect a language in danger

30.10.2013 | by Hassan Berkia

Young South Sudanese learn about HIV/AIDS on the soccer pitch

Miss South Sudan wants to boost girls’ access to school

28.10.2013 | by Daniel Deng Bol

Thousands travel to disputed Abyei enclave but lack food and water

More than 70 killed in latest attacks in Jonglei

Women students in South Sudan decry unhygienic university accommodation

EU calls for relocation of Yida refugees

22.10.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

Refugees from Sudan in need of assistance

21.10.2013 | by Charlton Doki

South Sudan’s Muslims mark Eid amid calls for peace

Committee to investigate dismissal of government employees

18.10.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

Ugandan boda boda drivers demand compensation

16.10.2013 | by Marvis Birungi

Sounds from across the 4,000-plus miles of the Nile

16.10.2013 | by MiCT

‘Football for Peace’: A win-win competition

14.10.2013 | by Ochan Hannington

‘Are we really part of South Sudan’, Rasol residents ponder

10.10.2013 | by Alfred Taban

Sudan’s media in times of protests, suppression and blackouts

09.10.2013 | by Hassan Faroog

South Sudanese critical of their police

07.10.2013 | by Charlton Doki

Academic staff strike over wage cuts

Thousands in need after Payinjiar flooding

04.10.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

Juba residents suffer after Boda-Boda ban

Paloch communities refuse to relocate

26.09.2013 | by Alfred Taban

Over 16,000 new HIV cases in S. Sudan last year

Dozens of protesters killed, internet switched off in Sudan’s worst unrest in years

26.09.2013 | by MiCT

A tea lady’s life: Time lapse

25.09.2013 | by Ahmad Mahmoud

UNHCR relocates 2,000 refugees

23.09.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

Critics condemn South Sudanese churches’ focus on profit

19.09.2013 | by Ochan Hannington

Award-winning reporter Salih: ‘Sudanese journalism has courage and ethics’

18.09.2013 | by Hassan Faroog

Hospital corruption hurts South Sudan’s shaky health services

Jonglei’s capital in state of emergency after the Nile burst its banks

South Sudan’s supply gateway blocked

Jonglei students urge inter-tribal marriage to ease violence

‘The aim is to foster a more stable environment’

05.09.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

Port Sudan citizens at risk from dirty water

04.09.2013 | by Abdalhadi Al-Hag

Floods displace more than 18,000 in Maiwut County

Security boosted in Yei town after crime boom

02.09.2013 | by Ochan Hannington

‘There is a lack of credit given to women’

30.08.2013 | by Charlton Doki

Ugandans flee S. Sudan after motorbike ban

Khartoum’s citizens flock to rare green spaces

Sudanese citizens accuse government of negligence after floods

28.08.2013 | by Mohamed Hilaly

Unity State officials promise to improve services

27.08.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

Time for South Sudanese to pen their own history?

Staff murdered: SSRC pulls out of Guit County amid floods

22.08.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

Millions of dollars needed to quell hunger in Jonglei State

War widows, orphans and disabled call for help

20.08.2013 | by Akim Mugisa

Thousands flee villages in fear of raiders

20.08.2013 | by Charlton Doki

Improved social services a prerequisite for peace in Jonglei State

16.08.2013 | by Charlton Doki

Cattle raid claims nine lives in Twic East County

12.08.2013 | by Charlton Doki

At least 328 Murle people killed last month

09.08.2013 | by Charlton Doki

South Sudanese awarded German scholarships

08.08.2013 | by Akim Mugisa

Breaking the taboo: Sudanese women speak out against genital mutilation

07.08.2013 | by Adam Abkar Ali

‘Heart of the World’: Tourist development vs local life

The army fights only insurgents, Aguer says

23.07.2013 | by Charlton Doki

South Sudanese unsure about the success of independence

23.07.2013 | by Anthony Wani

Free mosquito nets distributed in Yei County

22.07.2013 | by Ochan Hannington

Morobo in the process to establish community radio station

19.07.2013 | by Ochan Hannington

South Sudan’s new oil laws don’t go far enough, CSOs say

16.07.2013 | by Ejulu Elamu

Independence Anniversary marked with nationwide prayers

11.07.2013 | by Ochan Hannington

Kassala Hospital: Beautiful facade, poor services

10.07.2013 | by Hamid Ibrahim

Japan boosts Ministry of Health with USD 4 million

08.07.2013 | by Anthony Wani

Greater Bahr El-Ghazal unites to support street children

07.07.2013 | by Majok Mon

Over 1,000 people severely affected by food shortage in Unity State

01.07.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

Unity State builds centre for street children

27.06.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

Sudan Forum in Germany pushes for peace in the two Sudans

South Sudan’s United Methodist Church beset by corruption allegations

25.06.2013 | by Ochan Hannington

USD 485 million needed to save lives in South Sudan

22.06.2013 | by Charlton Doki

Unity State: 500 illegal arms seized

21.06.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

‘We have very great hopes for the media in South Sudan’

20.06.2013 | by Alex Taban

Commercial poaching destroys elephants and wildlife in Western Equatoria

14.06.2013 | by Joseph Nashion

Missing identification documents trouble S. Sudanese in Uganda

13.06.2013 | by Marvis Birungi

Obstacles loom large for girls’ education in Darfur

11.06.2013 | by Mohamed Hilaly

Guns seized during latest arms clampdown in Bor

Women urge justice for South Sudan’s rape victims

04.06.2013 | by Joseph Edward

Cattle raid in Abiemnom County claims 11 lives

04.06.2013 | by Charlton Doki

Over 23,000 people displaced by violence in Jonglei State

03.06.2013 | by Charlton Doki

Tore citizens demand improved health services

01.06.2013 | by Alfred Taban

South Sudan urgently needs midwives

31.05.2013 | by Ejulu Elamu

‘I will not leave Darfur despite the misery’

30.05.2013 | by Mohamed Hilaly

Tabanya: Rebuilding lives and homes

30.05.2013 | by Hajooj Kuka

Some S. Sudanese stay put in Uganda

29.05.2013 | by Marvis Birungi

Yei primary school children embark on first ever school trip

26.05.2013 | by Ochan Hannington

Garbage dumping in Yei angers citizens

25.05.2013 | by Alfred Taban

At least 29 people killed in Tolleri cattle raid

23.05.2013 | by Charlton Doki

Koch County cattle raid leaves eight police officers dead

23.05.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

Changing times: Sudan’s wedding traditions in flux

Gaderu citizens complain about poor service delivery

21.05.2013 | by Alfred Taban

27 boys removed from SPLA camps in Unity State

20.05.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

Inter-clan fighting escalates in Akobo

16.05.2013 | by Charlton Doki

Key humanitarian players flee Jonglei violence

14.05.2013 | by Joseph Edward

Mafrosh Book Fair: A new chapter in Khartoum’s literary history

14.05.2013 | by Nosa Said Ahmed

EU Delegation to South Sudan received football trophy

13.05.2013 | by Akim Mugisa

S. Sudanese army needs to combat high HIV rate, data shows

13.05.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

Elderly and outcast: 90-year-old Yata Jane demands justice

10.05.2013 | by Ochan Hannington

‘If a woman wears a miniskirt, we will arrest her’

Journalists: ‘We only do our job’

08.05.2013 | by Ochan Hannington

Authorities demolish 500 houses in Kuerlonga

06.05.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

11 Sudanese traders killed near Renk

04.05.2013 | by Charlton Doki

South Sudan’s bid for reconciliation back on track, despite scepticism

03.05.2013 | by Anthony Wani

Payinjiar returns 71 head of cattle to Yirol East

30.04.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

Free internet access for journalists in Yei

29.04.2013 | by Ochan Hannington

Officials say starvation has killed 15 people in Payinjiar County

23.04.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

Malaria increases in Unity State, medicine runs out

Spike in pedophilia cases shocks Sudan

18.04.2013 | by Richan Ochi

Close-up shots: Armed cattle herders roam the Nuba Mountains

18.04.2013 | by Hajooj Kuka

Is South Sudan really benefiting from the foreign aid it receives?

16.04.2013 | by Ochan Hannington

Debate on cohabiting burns in Uganda, spills over into S. Sudan

Health centre set ablaze over land disputes in Wulu County

12.04.2013 | by Majok Mon

31 people killed in reprisal attack after cattle raid

11.04.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

National coach complains S. Sudan neglects football

08.04.2013 | by Ejulu Elamu

In pictures: International Women’s Day in Yei

03.04.2013 | by Ochan Hannington

Seeking distraction: A motorbike ride in Abu Leila

26.03.2013 | by Hajooj Kuka

Water: A blessing and a curse in South Sudan

22.03.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

Officials beef up security in Yida Camp after violence

22.03.2013 | by Charlton Doki

Four million South Sudanese face food shortages despite better harvest

19.03.2013 | by Daniel Deng Bol

Unity State allocates land to returnees

18.03.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

Malnutrition and food shortages abound in Aweil South

15.03.2013 | by Hou Akot Hou

Cramped, dirty and underfed: Prisoners die in Warrap jail

14.03.2013 | by Aping Kuluel

Working to ease water conflicts in Darfur

12.03.2013 | by Mohamed Hilaly

Obstetric fistula ruins women’s lives in South Sudan

Sister Dee: ‘Women are tired of being kicked’

08.03.2013 | by MiCT

S. Sudanese girls at risk of underage marriage

08.03.2013 | by Anthony Wani

A long awaited return home

07.03.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

The hidden trauma behind the Nuba Mountains bombing

06.03.2013 | by Gumaa Al-Fadel

Preserving cultural heritage: Nuba Wrestling in Yida Camp

06.03.2013 | by Hajooj Kuka

Portuguese soccer star Luis Figo lands in Juba

05.03.2013 | by Joseph Edward

Land disputes on the rise in Aweil as bribes flow

04.03.2013 | by Hou Akot Hou

Is online media overtaking the traditional press in South Sudan?

02.03.2013 | by Adison Goseph

Rehabilitation of Yei-Lasu road kicks off

01.03.2013 | by Alfred Taban

Peace-prize-winning Bishop urges peace between the Sudans

Hepatitis E kills 107 people in refugee camps

Nuba Mountains: Caught between bombardment and basic education

26.02.2013 | by Chatika Amoja

Fear lingers in South Sudan despite independence

22.02.2013 | by Joseph Edward

Famine hits Kapoeta, locals call for swift action

Staying in school: South Sudanese women start to challenge social stereotypes

19.02.2013 | by Ochan Hannington

Chinese hospitals fill medical gaps in S. Sudan, despite lack of controls

18.02.2013 | by Esther Muwombi

Bentiu gets into clean-up mode

15.02.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

South Sudan deports 250 illegal immigrants but border controls remain haphazard

South Sudan kicks off at Confederation of African Football tournament

12.02.2013 | by Gour Machop Koij

‘We are moving from the emergency to the reconstruction phase’ in Darfur

12.02.2013 | by Mohamed Hilaly

Thousands of people in Yei River County at risk from dirty water

11.02.2013 | by Alfred Taban

Cattle raid in Unity State threatens local peace accord

11.02.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

‘A Journey of Healing for National Reconciliation in South Sudan’

09.02.2013 | by Charlton Doki

Arabic or English? South Sudan’s linguistic dilemma

‘Foreign powers are planning to drive a wedge between Islamic groups in Sudan’

Lakes State wants to eradicate traditional head marking among boys

28.01.2013 | by Aping Kuluel

Hunger spreads in Payinjiar County

24.01.2013 | by Bonifacio Taban

South Sudanese pay tribute to murdered writer Isaiah Abraham

21.01.2013 | by Daniel Deng Bol

At least 50 people killed during extended clashes in Rumbek

21.01.2013 | by Majok Mon

Bombo: Home of Ugandan Nubians

16.01.2013 | by Ahmad Mahmoud

Fire destroys Al Jazeera’s South Sudan office

Teachers in Aweil accused of impregnating school girls

14.01.2013 | by Hou Akot Hou

South Sudanese civilians continue to shun security forces

21.12.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

Skin bleaching widespread in South Sudan despite the risks

‘We are leaving our future leaders to loiter in the markets’

13.12.2012 | by Aping Kuluel

Juba’s preferred mode of transport: Matatu

South Sudan needs more than a billion dollars to avert crisis in 2013

Yellow Fever in Darfur: ‘It never rains but it pours’

07.12.2012 | by Abdallah M.

Quest for money and food forces children onto streets

04.12.2012 | by Aping Kuluel

MSF concerned about women and children in Jonglei

03.12.2012 | by Charlton Doki

Medicine crunch will hurt hundreds of HIV/AIDS patients in 2013

03.12.2012 | by Majok Mon

Malaria gaining ground in Juba

HIV/AIDS on the rise in South Sudan

29.11.2012 | by Majok Mon

How technology can help South Sudan

28.11.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

European Film Festival kicked off in Juba with message of peace

28.11.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

Yida too close to the border, relocation in January

25.11.2012 | by Charlton Doki

Media and security meet to mend fraught relations

Tuberculosis infections double after NGO pulls out in Rumbek

23.11.2012 | by Majok Mon

South Sudan’s top status symbol: Education or cattle?

23.11.2012 | by Ochan Hannington

A hidden hunger: Life in the caves of the Nuba Mountains

21.11.2012 | by Nuba Reports

How to get South Sudan’s youth back to work?

21.11.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

Why aren’t there more books in Sudan?

20.11.2012 | by Husham Eltayeb

South Sudan’s journalists push for protection

Dozens killed in widespread fighting in Rumbek

16.11.2012 | by Majok Mon

Mobile schools target rural illiteracy

15.11.2012 | by Majok Mon

South Sudanese graduates aim to energise their tattered country

Citizen journalism shakes up Sudanese media

Delayed arrival of 1,200 returnees

14.11.2012 | by Charlton Doki

Western Equatoria aims to fix age limit for girls’ marriage

12.11.2012 | by Joseph Nashion

How to get South Sudan into books?

07.11.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

Death of a trader sparks fear in Bentiu

05.11.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

South Sudan’s women in the spotlight [part 6]

03.11.2012 | by MiCT

Richard concerned about refugee protection

03.11.2012 | by Charlton Doki

South Sudan’s Western Equatoria State lives in fear of LRA attack

02.11.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

Payinjiar County Education Director dismissed

01.11.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

‘Art is a common language which brings people together’

31.10.2012 | by Aping Kuluel

Secession drained South Sudan’s university staff

31.10.2012 | by Majok Mon

A childhood on the streets of Khartoum

Unity State government confiscates expired goods

29.10.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

South Sudan’s women in the spotlight [part 5]

27.10.2012 | by MiCT

Clean water in short supply

26.10.2012 | by Anthony Wani

South Sudan’s underage mothers at risk during child birth

25.10.2012 | by Majok Mon

Fewer children severely malnourished in Unity State, but risk ongoing

24.10.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

Anti-malaria medicine offers lifeline to Lakes State patients

23.10.2012 | by Majok Mon

Bul-Nuer and Misseriya chiefs consider cattle rustling a relic of the past

22.10.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

Dance and music throw a lifeline to street kids

22.10.2012 | by Aping Kuluel

South Sudan’s women in the spotlight [part 4]

20.10.2012 | by MiCT

Journalists warn Sudan’s press is under attack

19.10.2012 | by Mohamed Hilaly

Teacher shortage besets South Sudan’s schools

18.10.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

Sudanese women become their own bosses despite downturn

S. Sudanese State Governor says corruption charges are ‘baseless’

16.10.2012 | by Daniel Deng Bol

‘I was forced to leave the house’

16.10.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

South Sudan’s women in the spotlight [part 3]

14.10.2012 | by MiCT

South Sudanese students targeted by thieves in Kampala

Acute malnutrition blights children in Lakes State

12.10.2012 | by Majok Mon

Traditional healers tout HIV and cancer cures on the streets of Juba

‘Sudanese women deserve the Nobel Peace Prize’

Making a living after the floods

09.10.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

Minister pledges clean water for rural South Sudan by 2015

08.10.2012 | by Daniel Deng Bol

Flooding dampens South Sudan’s weak economy

04.10.2012 | by Majok Mon

Sudanese opposition urges people to take to the streets

03.10.2012 | by Sara Defallah

South Sudan’s health service shuns the poor and needy

01.10.2012 | by Marvis Birungi

UN calls South Sudan’s refugee crisis “alarming”

‘We hope the new constitution brings us stability’

28.09.2012 | by Aisha Al-Samany

South Sudanese returnees arrive in Aweil

28.09.2012 | by Hou Akot Hou

Teachers in Unity State not content with salaries

27.09.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

New road boosts South Sudan’s tattered infrastructure

26.09.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

Malaria outbreak kills children in Lakes State

26.09.2012 | by Majok Mon

Behind the scenes of Khartoum’s embassy protests

South Sudan steps up fight against illiteracy

More transparency needed on South Sudanese oil -- Global Witness

Single mothers in South Sudan struggle to support kids

22.09.2012 | by Ochan Hannington

Actors convey the drama of South Sudan

21.09.2012 | by Aping Kuluel

Nyandeng calls for more women at the top

20.09.2012 | by Aping Kuluel

Sudan bolsters security after German and American embassy attacks

South Sudan’s Independence: Joyous and painful?

18.09.2012 | by Jok Madut Jok

Buses struggle to profit from Kampala to Juba route

Land a plum job, but how?

All talk, no action: Why media freedom in South Sudan is still a dream

Heavy rain destroys 17 houses in Juba

Sudan accelerates crackdown on political dissidents

Sudan’s opposition divided on how to achieve change

11.09.2012 | by Adam Abkar Ali

South Sudan’s women in the spotlight [part 2]

10.09.2012 | by MiCT

Nyayang impressed by women grant programme

10.09.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

Children urge politicians to boost education

08.09.2012 | by Hou Akot Hou

Kala-azar kills one, over 100 infected

08.09.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

Mixed results for South Sudanese amnesty

07.09.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

Ethiopians in Bentiu pay respect to Meles Zenawi

06.09.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

Recurrent rains force Aweil residents to abandon their homes

06.09.2012 | by Hou Akot Hou

Businesses need to re-register in Bentiu

05.09.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

Financial crisis spoils Sudan’s Eid party

05.09.2012 | by Adam Abkar Ali

Sporting South Sudanese girls smash stereotypes

04.09.2012 | by Majok Mon

Elders plan to build ‘martyrs schools’

03.09.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

South Sudan’s women in the spotlight [part 1]

02.09.2012 | by MiCT

Rebranding South Sudan: Looking to Sierra Leone and Liberia

Four killed, five injured after cattle raid in Payinjar County

31.08.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

Local law makers under fire for failing to deliver

30.08.2012 | by Majok Mon

NCP and SPLM-N: Hopes for a peaceful future

29.08.2012 | by Hassan Berkia

Kiir and Obama: Apologies and denials

Low wages bring rubbish collection in Bentiu close to a standstill

28.08.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

South Sudan running low on energy

27.08.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

Avoid giving your daughters to cattle rustlers, says Governor

26.08.2012 | by Aping Kuluel

War widows urge government to help

26.08.2012 | by Atekdit Mawien

Too hungry to celebrate South Sudan’s Independence?

24.08.2012 | by Ochan Hannington

Salva Kiir tells Muslims to avoid political Islam

22.08.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

Ethiopian servants in Sudan at the mercy of middle men

Bentiu residents displaced by heavy rains

20.08.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

South Sudanese ripped off in Kampala

17.08.2012 | by Ochan Hannington

Conference seeks peaceful resolution to cattle raiding problem

16.08.2012 | by Hou Akot Hou

United Nations staff strike in South Sudan

15.08.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

National UN staff demand salary in US$

14.08.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

Nubians struggle to keep their culture above water

Rising transportation costs haunt Unity State

13.08.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

New rubbish collection system to trial in Juba

13.08.2012 | by Daniel Deng Bol

“Mama don’t cry”

11.08.2012 | by Marvis Birungi

Juba, Khartoum strike deal on conflicts -- but is it a breakthrough?

“We fight for the impossible”

08.08.2012 | by MiCT

“I’m not radical, I’m flexible”

What they really think: Citizens comment on South Sudan’s achievements

07.08.2012 | by Majok Mon

South Sudan to Sudan: We let your soldiers go, where are ours?

04.08.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

Rumbek medical staff allegedly selling hospital drugs on open market

03.08.2012 | by Majok Mon

Museveni: In the world the voices of black people are not heard very much

31.07.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

‘Dogs are the enemy’: Rabies kills 20 in Payinjiar County

31.07.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

South Sudan’s president: Our government is too big, must downsize

31.07.2012 | by Joseph Edward

South Sudan VP says billions may not have been stolen after all

28.07.2012 | by Majok Mon

Media is the people’s messenger and the government should listen

27.07.2012 | by Daniel Deng Bol

Rumbek recalls its role in South Sudan’s independence

26.07.2012 | by Majok Mon

How half a culture gets lost

25.07.2012 | by Maha Elsanosi

SPLA accuses Sudan’s army of renewed bombing in Northern Bahr el-Ghazal

23.07.2012 | by Hou Akot Hou

Mothers at risk: Maternal mortality rate alarms Lakes State doctor

21.07.2012 | by Majok Mon

The Sudanese press after separation: Contested identities of journalism

20.07.2012 | by MiCT

Football knows no foreigners

18.07.2012 | by Hassan Faroog

South Sudan’s women: We want our constitutional rights

16.07.2012 | by Anthony Wani

Nothing to drink: One water hole for 20 villages

16.07.2012 | by Aping Kuluel

Too many malaria patients, clinic opens outdoor ward

15.07.2012 | by Majok Mon

Rubo rocks for reconciliation: Wardi remake released

13.07.2012 | by MiCT

Germans pledge more aid for South Sudan and Sudan

11.07.2012 | by Julius N. Uma

Bright Stars vs. Uganda Cranes 2:2

Independence anniversary: South Sudan celebrates first birthday

July 9 2011: A new flag flies over the Republic of South Sudan

09.07.2012 | by Pascal Ladu

Ordinary South Sudanese ask: Is it really a happy birthday for our country?

09.07.2012 | by Marvis Birungi

Thousands celebrate South Sudan’s independence anniversary in Bentiu

09.07.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

The uncertain future of higher education in South Sudan

Khartoum is burning: Protests continue in Sudanese capital

08.07.2012 | by Mohamed Hilaly

Peace conference: Rezigat, Dinka groups commit to ‘end senseless self-destruction’

07.07.2012 | by Hou Akot Hou

Service provision still a challenge

07.07.2012 | by Marvis Birungi

Too many red lines: Pressure on Sudan media freedom increases

Expelled from Israel: Returning to South Sudan with mixed feelings

06.07.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

Support required in the University of Bahr el-Ghazal

05.07.2012 | by Anthony Wani

Sudan: One year after secession, all promises evaporated

04.07.2012 | by Adam Abkar Ali

Heavy rains paralyse life in Unity State

03.07.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

University of Rumbek forced to close unless funding improves

02.07.2012 | by Majok Mon

South Sudanese youth to race forward

29.06.2012 | by Joseph Edward

A new murder case renews doubts about security in Juba

28.06.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

New communist party head: ‘The people must overthrow the regime’

26.06.2012 | by Mohamed Hilaly

Female students in South Sudan: ‘Our parents look at us and see cows’

26.06.2012 | by Majok Mon

Austerity measures affect Juba’s military hospital

26.06.2012 | by Marvis Birungi

Rising demand for charcoal burdens South Sudan’s environment

26.06.2012 | by Marvis Birungi

Old traditions face new hardships

26.06.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

Alternative to poaching: commercial fishing in Terekeka

25.06.2012 | by Marvis Birungi

South Sudan debates: join East Africans or stand alone?

25.06.2012 | by Ochan Hannington

Education Minister: ‘We should not depend on foreigners to build the country’

25.06.2012 | by Majok Mon

‘We run home when it rains’: South Sudan’s classroom-less children

23.06.2012 | by Majok Mon

Human Rights groups condemn young mother’s death sentence by stoning

22.06.2012 | by Mohamed Hilaly

Hunger has a tight grip on people in Magwi County

First South Sudanese football player signs contract in Khartoum

18.06.2012 | by Hassan Faroog

Shisha smoking now illegal in Warrap

18.06.2012 | by Aping Kuluel

Mohamed Abdulqader: The creation of state prosecutions “aims to restrict press freedom”

15.06.2012 | by Hassan Faroog

South Sudan’s president criticised for protecting corrupt officials

14.06.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

SANU leader laid to rest in Tonj

13.06.2012 | by Aping Kuluel

MTN customer complains of mobile money fraud

10.06.2012 | by Ochan Hannington

Authorities struggle to keep burgeoning towns safe

09.06.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

A grass seller’s heavy burden

08.06.2012 | by Aping Kuluel

Educating citizens about unseen dangers

08.06.2012 | by Julius N. Uma

In South Sudan 4.7 million people are at risk of food insecurity

07.06.2012 | by Charlton Doki

AMA improves access to clean water in Unity State

07.06.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

Flights to Wau expected to resume this month

01.06.2012 | by Anthony Wani

Mission interrupted: technical problems force Agriculture Minister to land

31.05.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

Sudan-South Sudan crisis: Fear for relatives back home

31.05.2012 | by Ochan Hannington

Directorate donates 100,000 SSP to wounded SPLA soldiers

30.05.2012 | by Majok Mon

Renewed negotiations: South Sudanese pessimistic

29.05.2012 | by Akim Mugisa

Returness stranded at Bentiu port

29.05.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

Settle family feuds, girls pay the price

IOM airlifts stranded South Sudanese from Kosti

Hunger a daily reality for many of Warrap State’s children

27.05.2012 | by Aping Kuluel

In search of more affordable basic goods

26.05.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

Rising Salafism triggers upsurge in violence in Sudan

26.05.2012 | by Osman Shinger

Sudan bombed Northern Bahr el-Ghazal on Tuesday says South Sudan

25.05.2012 | by Hou Akot Hou

A ‘No Go’ in Lakes State: criticising the police

25.05.2012 | by Majok Mon

Crushing stones for a living

23.05.2012 | by Charlton Doki

Women’s changing role in South Sudan [Part 5]: beyond subsistence

23.05.2012 | by Marvis Birungi

Lasting fear: Pupils in Bentiu not yet ready to return to school

21.05.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

Eligible for marriage at the onset of menstruation

Grande: South Sudan humanitarian operation is complex

20.05.2012 | by Charlton Doki

Women’s changing role in South Sudan [Part 4]: Obstacle inheritance laws

20.05.2012 | by Marvis Birungi

Aid agencies position food stocks for the coming rainy season

19.05.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

Closure of 22 private universities leaves many students desperate

19.05.2012 | by Pascal Ladu

UN appeals for more than $500m emergency aid for South Sudan

18.05.2012 | by Charlton Doki

Returnees struggle for shelter

Thousands in Juba witness the SPLA’s 29th anniversary

Empowering women to achieve economic independence

16.05.2012 | by Majok Mon

Child refugees struggle as fighting continues

16.05.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

Western Bahr el-Ghazal State MPs sworn in

16.05.2012 | by Anthony Wani

Commemoration of lost heroes marks SPLA Day

16.05.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

A stumbling block to free media: the absence of press laws

15.05.2012 | by Charlton Doki

Interrupted: Operation lifeline South Darfur-South Sudan

15.05.2012 | by Hou Akot Hou

Women’s changing role in South Sudan [Part 3]: Empowering through crafts

14.05.2012 | by Marvis Birungi

A dangerous source of wealth and pride

Sudan’s first talk show: critiques do not halt

11.05.2012 | by Hassan Faroog

Quick impact fund: EU earmarks 18m euro for South Sudan

Women’s changing role in South Sudan [Part 2]: Obstacle high risk pregnancies

10.05.2012 | by Marvis Birungi

South Sudan desperate for hard currency

10.05.2012 | by Majok Mon

SPLA: Khartoum continues with unceasing aggression

08.05.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

Women’s changing role in South Sudan [Part 1]: Obstacle customary law

06.05.2012 | by Marvis Birungi

South Sudan struggling with high food prices

Yida on the brink of a humanitarian disaster

04.05.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

ICRC locates thousands of IDPs in Jaac

03.05.2012 | by Hou Akot Hou

Domestic violence still common in South Sudan

02.05.2012 | by Yobu Annet

South Sudanese students vent their anger in Kampala

01.05.2012 | by Ochan Hannington

An outstanding reality check: ‘Hita Kasira’

27.04.2012 | by Osman Shinger

Farming in Magwi has high potential

Malaria: South Sudan’s deadliest disease

27.04.2012 | by Marvis Birungi

South Sudan frees 14 Sudanese prisoners

Foreign traders flee Unity State after recent bombardments

26.04.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

Sudan’s army carries out new aerial bombardments on Unity State

25.04.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

Warrap State voluntary recruits ready “to die for Abyei”

25.04.2012 | by Aping Kuluel

Fighting continues after SPLA withdrawal

24.04.2012 | by Bonifacio Taban

People in Torit struggle to access clean water

Starvation looms over Northern Bahr al-Ghazal

21.04.2012 | by Hou Akot Hou

A question of responsibility: street children in South Sudan

South Sudan’s students are frustrated with their education

20.04.2012 | by Majok Mon

Lakes State citizens demonstrate against withdrawal from Heglig

19.04.2012 | by Majok Mon

Border conflict reaches Northern Bahr El Ghazal State

19.04.2012 | by Hou Akot Hou

In special need: people with disabilities

Deadline looms for southern citizens in Sudan

Can South Sudan protect its teak forests?

10.12.2011 | by Akim Mugisa

South Sudan’s “silent but active enemies:” the enduring trauma of landmine explosions

28.11.2011 | by Akim Mugisa

The hidden cost of malaria in South Sudan: $2 million and counting

02.11.2011 | by Esther Muwombi

Destination Gulf: the deadly price of Sudan’s human trafficking

Japan supports key development in Malakal

21.10.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Sudan’s Arab Spring waits in the wings, with no curtain call

20.10.2011 | by Hassan Berkia

Global Handwashing Day: promoting hygiene in South Sudan

20.10.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Schools in desperate need

11.10.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Homework for a new nation [part 4]: Train more teachers

10.10.2011 | by Akim Mugisa

Solution to border dispute between South Sudan and Uganda proves elusive

09.10.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

Building roads to food security

08.10.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

The harvest of disarmament: 3,000 guns in Lakes State

07.10.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Widespread malaria outbreak grips Unity State

03.10.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

School brings hope to displaced in Southern Kordofan

03.10.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Concern grows about detained Sudanese writer, activist

New Chief Justice promises judicial reform

02.10.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

New disarmament policy takes effect in South Sudan

30.09.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Millions of dollars misused, says anti-corruption report

27.09.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

UN Mission to meet with survivors of latest cattle raid in Unity State that killed 46

22.09.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Quietly, Sudan’s underground gay movement grows online

Negotiations between rival groups break down

Humanitarian conditions worsen in Greater Upper Nile

Divided reaction over South Sudan’s capital move

17.09.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

With key north-south road closed, high fees levied on boaters

17.09.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Juba, Khartoum step up efforts to resolve Abyei

Have Sudan’s measures against counterfeit currency backfired with a hidden agenda?

Sudan’s “second republic” lineup: leaner, with decorative opposition

09.09.2011 | by Richan Ochi

Gatdet’s rebel troops set for final integration into SPLA

08.09.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

From impasse to the brink of war: Sudan bans SPLM-North

South Sudan ministers sworn into office

03.09.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

Going greener in Unity State

02.09.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

South Sudan denies accusations of backing rebels in Southern Kordofan

02.09.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Muslims mark first “Eid el-Fitr” in independent South Sudan

Homework for post-split Sudan: cure journalism of corruption

01.09.2011 | by Hassan Faroog

Israel strengthens relations with South Sudan

South Sudan Rotary Club offers scholarships

27.08.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Five dead in Unity State land mine blast

26.08.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Assembly summons ministers over Jonglei massacre

25.08.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Public anger ignited over scholarship in Unity State

23.08.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Planting seeds of partnership to boost South Sudanese agriculture

18.08.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Preventing war: the wish of many, voiced by few

17.08.2011 | by Husham Eltayeb

Homework for a new nation [part 3]: Stop the gender war on women and promote their rights instead

Gatdet’s rebel forces arrive in Unity State amid ceasefire

16.08.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Fuel shortage affects Juba’s health sector

16.08.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Counterfeit suspects arrested

15.08.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

South Sudan’s war widows and orphans appeal for support

12.08.2011 | by Akim Mugisa

Exhibition centre to commemorate liberation struggle opens in Juba

11.08.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

South Sudan’s new Council of States sworn in

10.08.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Uncertain future for Sudanese media

10.08.2011 | by Osman Shinger

Ngok Dinka citizenship falls through cracks of post-split Sudan

08.08.2011 | by Hassan Berkia

South Sudan, Uganda in border dilemma

07.08.2011 | by Lodiyong Moritz

Kordofan refugees settle in Unity State

06.08.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

South Sudan: senior police officer detained

05.08.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Second rebel leader responds to amnesty offer

05.08.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

Homework for a new nation [part 2]: Better care for people with disabilities

Unity State governor, in talks with rebels after leader’s killing, regrets “mistake”

01.08.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Six Sudanese newspapers shut down due to “foreign” ownership

Homework for a new nation: Alternatives for street children

31.07.2011 | by Majok Mon

Resigned, then re-assigned: Amum back in South Sudan government

29.07.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

A new nation takes to the road of diplomacy

28.07.2011 | by Charlton Doki

Family member blames Unity State government for former rebel leader’s death

27.07.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Sudanese football teams torn by citizenship, southern players in limbo

26.07.2011 | by Hassan Faroog

School now, marriage later: an uphill battle for South Sudanese girls

24.07.2011 | by Majok Mon

South Sudan forges diplomatic ties with neighboring DRC

23.07.2011 | by Charlton Doki

Concerns raised over religious diversity in Sudan

22.07.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Introducing the South Sudanese Pound

21.07.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

Southern rebel leader killed after signing peace deal

21.07.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

From Red Crescent to Cross in South Sudan

20.07.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Israel to take key position on South Sudan’s new foreign policy map

18.07.2011 | by Richan Ochi

Post-independence report card -- Jubilation: unsurpassed. Preparations: see the management

18.07.2011 | by Akim Mugisa

Independence spurs renewed tributes to Garang

16.07.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Commissioner: tribalism undermines south’s independence

15.07.2011 | by Majok Mon

Fuel prices drop in Unity State

15.07.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Kenya, Uganda seek bilateral ties with South Sudan

14.07.2011 | by Akim Mugisa

Joyous celebrations, long wish lists in Yei River County

Salva Kiir declares amnesty for rebel groups in South Sudan

12.07.2011 | by Akim Mugisa

Unity State celebrates peaceful independence day

10.07.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

A new flag flies over the Republic of South Sudan

10.07.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

On independence day, tributes and a spirit of justice

10.07.2011 | by Majok Mon

UN ready to admit South Sudan as 193rd member

10.07.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

World leaders welcome South Sudan’s independence

10.07.2011 | by Akim Mugisa

The view from Khartoum: no disguising sadness about the split

A nation is born

09.07.2011 | by Akim Mugisa

The Niles newspaper launched

09.07.2011 | by MiCT

Visual vandalism rife in Khartoum: who is trying to make women faceless?

In their own words: South Sudanese on the birth of their nation

08.07.2011 | by Akim Mugisa

South Sudan adopts transitional constitution

08.07.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Unity State Commissioner sacked for accusing SPLA of massacre

07.07.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Sudan’s split takes shape of exclusion as Khartoum fires southerners in private sector

07.07.2011 | by

One last rehearsal before the big day

07.07.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Independence preparations amplify daily disruptions in Juba

07.07.2011 | by Ochan Hannington

Hopeful youth in South Sudan set the stage for independence

07.07.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Heavy rains hit Magwi town, 30 people hospitalised

Unity State celebrations sour before they begin

06.07.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Juba Airport: no commercial flights on Independence Day

05.07.2011 | by Akim Mugisa

Time to seal the deal on south’s draft transitional constitution

North or South, the heart has its own compass

South or North, the heart has its own compass

Juba gears up to celebrate South Sudan’s Independence

03.07.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

School homework: crush stones to pay tuition

03.07.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

Peace agreement’s dangerous side effect on south: higher rates of HIV/AIDS

02.07.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Setbacks and fears aside, Lakes State primed for celebration

02.07.2011 | by Majok Mon

Solutions through dialogue best way forward, says UN

01.07.2011 | by Daniel Deng Bol

Southern Sudan welcomes UN Security Council resolution on Abyei

30.06.2011 | by Charlton Doki

Inter-tribal clashes in Jonglei leave 400 dead, hundreds displaced

30.06.2011 | by Daniel Deng Bol

Militia attack in Warrap State

29.06.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Independence celebrations: expect delays

28.06.2011 | by Charlton Doki

The path to a new government is no straight line: slim or broad-based?

Magwi County headquarters construction underway

Abyei crisis points to hostile division of Sudan, despite new agreement

28.06.2011 | by Richan Ochi

Resilience, determination mark World Refugee Day in Southern Sudan

Six UN staff arrested in Southern Kordofan

24.06.2011 | by Charlton Doki

UN: surmount crises so a nation can be born

Introducing South Sudan’s national anthem

Senior opposition figure in Khartoum to resign

23.06.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Dozens dead in Lakes State clashes

21.06.2011 | by Majok Mon

Want more communication with Sudanese authorities? Forget Facebook

Conflicting reports on results of Abyei negotiations in Addis

20.06.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Kordofan bombings: more than 50,000 displaced

20.06.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Southern Sudan holds border conference ahead of independence

Fuel shortage spreads to Eastern Equatoria State

Sudanese youth mobilise for peace and reconciliation

17.06.2011 | by

Yauyau signs ceasefire agreement with GoSS

16.06.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

Warrap State: 29 killed in cattle raid

16.06.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Abyei clashes spill over into Southern Kordofan

15.06.2011 | by Richan Ochi

Southern Kordofan: thousands displaced amidst ongoing fighting

15.06.2011 | by Charlton Doki

Long lines for fuel give people plenty of time to debate causes of petrol shortage

14.06.2011 | by Charlton Doki

Civilians flee bombardment in Unity State

14.06.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Kenyan civil service support staff arrives in Southern Sudan

13.06.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

SAF bombs kill five, displacing hundreds in Southern Sudan

To promote civil society, treat children with respect: it’s the law

13.06.2011 | by Ochan Hannington

US is first to recognise South Sudan independence

12.06.2011 | by Majok Mon

Southern Sudan hit by severe fuel shortages

12.06.2011 | by Charlton Doki

Yien Mathew: Southern Kordofan attacks intended to provoke hostilities

08.06.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Abyei: Pull back from the brink or else

08.06.2011 | by Hassan Faroog

UN Women aims to close gender gap in Southern Sudan

07.06.2011 | by Charlton Doki

Truth about fires in Unity State proves elusive

06.06.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Mission Interrupted: Khartoum asks UNMIS to leave Sudan

In independence countdown, new phone code for south still a mystery

04.06.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Wanted: skilled Southern Sudanese workforce. Start date: now.

04.06.2011 | by Charlton Doki

The cost of ignoring compensation: a rough start to independence

03.06.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Al-Bashir to US on Abyei: no thanks for the carrot and no fear of the stick

02.06.2011 | by

Aguer: Protecting civilians in Abyei is a priority

01.06.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

War is not an option, says Southern Sudanese President

27.05.2011 | by Charlton Doki

SPLA admits burning homes in Unity State

26.05.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Three people killed in Rumbek ambush

26.05.2011 | by Majok Mon

Uncertainty reigns in Southern Kordofan

Luka Biong Deng departs in protest

25.05.2011 | by Charlton Doki

Examining the role of the UN in Abyei

24.05.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Commentary: Sudan needs crucial decision on Abyei now

24.05.2011 | by

Southern Sudan: Abyei takeover is act of war, UN says Abyei is in flames

Deadly clashes in Unity State leave nine dead and nearly 90 wounded

22.05.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Southern Sudanese brace for food and fuel crisis

22.05.2011 | by Charlton Doki

Land mines injure three in Unity State

18.05.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Demonstrators march for the inclusion of Abyei in the future South Sudan

18.05.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

Authorities transfer land to returnees in Unity State

13.05.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

SPLA attacks rebel hideouts in Unity State

11.05.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Southern Kordofan: Votes for sale

A crucial step to improve maternal health

09.05.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Take me to school

09.05.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Solutions ignored, crisis deepens in Darfur

09.05.2011 | by Osman Shinger

Calls for Abyei referendum grow louder

Wanted: More accountability, less corruption

08.05.2011 | by Charlton Doki

Situation: Critical

06.05.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Fighting claims more lives in Lakes State

05.05.2011 | by Majok Mon

Commentary: Defusing election tension in Southern Kordofan

04.05.2011 | by MiCT

Southern Sudan: security in the balance

04.05.2011 | by Hassan Berkia

Southern Sudanese media: Free, sort of

Unity State authorities refuse military re-deployment in oil regions

03.05.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Opposition walks out on constitutional endorsement

Malaak: SPLA will protect southern resources

30.04.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

Waging war on illiteracy

29.04.2011 | by Akim Mugisa

Aloung: New entries in the security file of Southern Sudan

27.04.2011 | by Hassan Berkia

Militia leader Tanginya surrenders

27.04.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

Commentary: Looking for legality

27.04.2011 | by MiCT

Constitution review marked by discord

22.04.2011 | by Charlton Doki

SPLA uses force to recruit civilians in Unity State

20.04.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Clashes in Unity State kill two, hundreds flee

20.04.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Press freedom in Southern Sudan: Encouraged or endangered?

19.04.2011 | by MiCT

Election process in Southern Kordofan marred by irregularities

18.04.2011 | by

Miria Matembe: Women of Southern Sudan, your interests are one

18.04.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Equatoria Conference 2011: A call for more power sharing

17.04.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

UN: Nearly 100,000 people displaced after recent clashes

15.04.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Last northern JIU members left Juba

14.04.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Roadblocks to justice in Darfur: Impenetrable immunity and the politics of law

After long, profitable presence, China opens hospital in Unity State

12.04.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

The Darfur referendum controversy

12.04.2011 | by

The gap between words and deeds

11.04.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Press freedom deeper in limbo after newspaper seizure in Southern Sudan

Agar: The SPLM is an integral part of the Northern political landscape

08.04.2011 | by Osman Shinger

Hunger prospects haunt south after mine awareness day

08.04.2011 | by Julius N. Uma

Bashir and Kiir seek to strengthen North-South negotiations

Germany and France pledge 12 million Euros for water and sanitation project

08.04.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

Waging Peace in Sudan: Hilde Johnson launches book in Juba

07.04.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Gunmen rob over one million Sudanese Pounds in Bentiu

06.04.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Wani: South Sudan will be a secular, democratic country

05.04.2011 | by Hassan Berkia

New landmines planted in Southern Sudan

04.04.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Atil: What is crucial is the ease of doing business

02.04.2011 | by Yobu Annet

Commentary: Who owns our land? A call for clarity

Unity State condemns defection of General Gatdet

01.04.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Corporate land grabbing could undermine livelihoods

01.04.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Fighting illiteracy with radio

31.03.2011 | by Akim Mugisa

Prices rise in communities across Unity State

29.03.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

School syllabi to include human rights

29.03.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Supporting people to make a living

28.03.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

Beyond documents: The dynamics of the North-South divide

26.03.2011 | by MiCT

Long drought forecast, late rains

Abdel Bagi declares war on GoSS

25.03.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Al-Masir: The first Arabic newspaper in Southern Sudan

23.03.2011 | by Hassan Faroog

Failure to reintegrate causes instability

22.03.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Opposition calls for immediate release of arrested party members

21.03.2011 | by Daniel Deng Bol

Magdi Okasha: We want a new state

21.03.2011 | by Khalid Saad

Guns seized in Jonglei

20.03.2011 | by Daniel Deng Bol

SPLA clashes with militias in Unity State

18.03.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Independence in the making

17.03.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Wanji: Darfur is an African land for African people

SPLM accuses NCP of plot and suspends negotiations

14.03.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

Comment: The ugliness of tribalism

14.03.2011 | by Innocent Otira

Still a long march until equal access is reached

12.03.2011 | by Kepo Moses John

Instability rising with new clashes in Malakal

Disunity within NCP could cost El-Tahir his position

IWD: Women celebrating behind bars

11.03.2011 | by Richan Ochi

SPLM-DC denies association with Upper Nile clashes

10.03.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

100th IWD in Juba: Women still marginalised majority

Cattle raiding in the future Republic of South Sudan

10.03.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Commentary: The independent government of the parliament speaker

09.03.2011 | by MiCT

Tension over constitutional review heightens

Opposition pulls out of constitution review

08.03.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

The deterioration of the educational environment in Southern Kordofan

05.03.2011 | by Aisha Al-Samany

A constitution without the South

Post referendum challenges hit Higher Education

04.03.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

Sacrificing lives for political games

04.03.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Fresh fighting in Abyei and Jonglei

03.03.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

The church attempts filling the education gap

02.03.2011 | by Kepo Moses John

Another war to wage - the fight against HIV/AIDS

01.03.2011 | by Bonifacio Taban

Northern opposition clings to all-inclusive dialogue

28.02.2011 | by

Carrot or stick: Youth taking matters in their own hands

26.02.2011 | by Lodiyong Moritz

Kiir: a road map for the coming period

25.02.2011 | by Richan Ochi

Southern Sudan still immune to the wind of change

24.02.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Free media still on hold

24.02.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Dr. Medani calls for new political agreement

23.02.2011 | by Aisha Al-Samany

Constitutional review committee under fire

23.02.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

Traditional culture in conflict with education

22.02.2011 | by Ochan Hannington

Why Ugandan expats did not vote

21.02.2011 | by Marvis Birungi

Blue Nile Christians fear extension of Sharia

Separation under local and international auspices

16.02.2011 | by Hassan Berkia

New country, new capital

15.02.2011 | by Pascal Ladu

Political change and the fate of street children

The ecstasy of freedom

12.02.2011 | by Ochan Hannington

GoSS Minister and Guard Assassinated

From Bouazizi to Facebook: Reasons differ but the goal is one

08.02.2011 | by Hassan Faroog

The Church and the Referendum

02.02.2011 | by Ochan Hannington

Popular consultations politically polarised

31.01.2011 | by Khalid Saad

Official preliminary referendum results announced

31.01.2011 | by Pascal Ladu