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The Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan

Government of South Sudan, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Bill, 2008


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January 2011 Referendum Archive

SUDANVOTES had subscribed to the IDEA draft code on media and elections.

Check also the "Reporter's Guide to Election Coverage",

the "Reporting Elections Broadcast Guidelines"

and "The Media and the Election Process Reference Material",

all endorsed by the UNESCO,

and the "Miraya Referendum and Popular Consultations Charter"



Comprehensive Peace Agreement (searchable version)

Comprehensive Peace Agreement (original scan)

Southern Sudan Referendum Act (searchable)

Southern Sudan Referendum Act (original)

For the constitutions, other peace treaties and laws relevant to the referenda click on the Electionnaire link.


Official websites:

African Union Referendum Observer Mission

Assessment and Evaluation Commission (AEC) for the CPA

Carter Center Referendum Monitoring

EU Election Observation Mission to Sudan 2011

Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Observation Mission

Japan International Peace Cooperation Assignment for Sudan Referendum Observation

Southern Sudan Referendum Bureau

Southern Sudan Referendum Commission

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) support to the referenda in Sudan

United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS


Pre-Referendum Analysis:

Aegis Trust The Cost of Future Conflict in Sudan, November 2010

Bonn International Center for Conversion: Sudan before the referendum, December 2010

Brenthurst Foundation: 'Everything is at Zero' - beyond the referendum, November 2010

Brookings Institution: Sudan, After the Breakup - Can Violence be Prevented?, January 2011

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Sudan's Referendum - The Birth of a New Nation?, January 2011

Carter Center: Preliminary Statement on Voter Registration Process for the Southern Sudan Referendum, December 2010

Center for Global Development: Sudan Debt Dynamics - Status Quo, Southern Secession, Debt Division, and Oil, December 2010

Center for International Peace Operations / German Institute for International and Security Affairs: Countdown in Sudan, January 2010

Center for Strategic & International Studies: Sudanese Perspectives on the 2011 Referendum, November 2010

Chatham House: Decisions and Deadlines - A Critical Year for Sudan, January 2010

Chatham House: Sudan's Referendum - Prickly Interdependence, December 2010

Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI): Challenges facing Sudan after referendum day, 2010 

CMI: Oil, peace and development - the Sudanese impasse, 2010

CMI: Sudan peace agreements - current challenges and future prospects, 2010

Clingendael Institute: Sudan 2012 - Scenarios for the future, September 2009

Council on Foreign Relations: Renewed Conflict in Sudan - CPA Contingency Planning, March 2010

Democracy Reporting International: Assessment of the Southern Sudan Referendum Act, July 2010

Economist: Country Report Sudan Outlook for 2010-11, September 2010

European Coalition on Oil in Sudan (ECOS): Sudan's Oil Industry on the Eve of the Referendum, December 2010

ECOS: Post-Referendum Arrangements for Sudan's Oil Industry, December 2010

Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation: Sudan and Somalia - Linchpins on the Horn of Africa, September 2010

German Institute for International and Security Affairs: Sudan - Negotiating Southern Independence, September 2010

Global Witness: Crude Calculations, January 2011

Heinrich-Böll-Foundation: Sudan - No Easy Ways Ahead, April 2010

Institute for Security Studies: Sudan Scenarios to Strategies, January 2011

International Crisis Group (ICG): Sudan - Regional Perspectives on the Prospect of Southern Independence, May 2010

ICG: Negotiating Sudan's North-South Future, November 2010

Juba Briefing: Abyei Voices - Messages for the Future, December 2010

London School of Economics and Politics: Southern Sudan at Odds with Itself, July 2010

National Democratic Institute: Southern Sudan at the Crossroads, September 2010

Rift Valley Institute (RVI): Race Against Time - The Countdown to the Referenda in Southern Sudan and Abyei, October 2010

RVI: December Update to Race Against Time, December 2010

Royal African Society: Sudan Referendum 2011 - what next?, December 2010

Saferworld: Southern Sudan - Referenda and Beyond, November 2010

Small Arms Survey: Sudan Human Security Baseline Assessment

Small Wars Journal: Southern Sudan - the Four Theses, October 2010

South African Institute of International Affairs: Thabo Mbeki and the 'Long Talk' to Southern Sudan's Referendum, November 2010

United States Institute of Peace (USIP): Scenarios for Sudan's Future - Revisited, July 2010

USIP: Why Sudan's Popular Consultation Matters, November 2010

USIP: Secession and Precedent in Sudan and Africa, November 2010


Post-Referendum Analysis

Aly Verjee: Unfinished Business - The May 2011 State Elections in Southern Kordofan, 31 March 2011

AEC: Press Statement, 25 January 2011

AEC: Preparations for Elections in Southern Kordofan State, 19 April 2011

AEC: Final Report, 7 July 2011

AU: Preliminary Statement, 16 January 2011

AU: Summit Statement on Sudan, 31 January 2011

Carter Center: Trip Report by Former US President Jimmy Carter to Sudan, 18 January 2011

Carter Center: Preliminary Statement, 17 January 2011

Carter Center: Statement on Counting and Tabulation Processes for the Southern Sudan Referendum, 14 February 2011

Carter Center urges inclusive transition process in Southern Sudan - Full Report, 17 March 2011

CMI: Nationality and citizenship questions in Sudan after the Southern Sudan referendum vote, February 2011

EU: Press Release, 17 January 2011

EU: Council conclusions on Sudan, 31 January 2011

EU: Final Report on Southern Sudan Referendum, June 2011

EU Institute for Security Studies: What next for South Sudan?, February 2011

Geopolicity: Freedom in Southern Sudan - Priorities for Post-Referendum State Building, January 2011

IGAD: Interim Statement, 16 January 2011

IGAD: Summit Communique on Sudan, 30 January 2011

IKV Pax Christi: The Nuba Mountains - Central to Sudan's Stability, January 2011

Infoasaid: Sudan media and telecoms landscape guide, 26 February 2011

Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses: Sudan in Transition, 8 July 2011

Japan Referendum Observation Mission: Preliminary Assessment, 18 January 2011

Norwegian People's Aid: The New Frontier - a baseline survey of large-scale land-based investment in Southern Sudan, March 2011

Open Society Foundations: International Law and the Right to Nationality in Sudan, February 2011

Stimson Center: Considerations for a New Peacekeeping Operation in South Sudan, April / May 2011

Sudanese Network for Democratic Elections (SuNDE) / Sudanese Group for Democracy and Elections (SuGDE): Preliminary Statement, 20 January 2011


April 2010 Elections Archive


Civil Society Organisations:

Sudan Vote Monitor

Sudanese Platform

TEIM Election Watch Sudan


Pre-Election Analysis:

Carter Center: Status of the Electoral Process in Sudan, August 2009 

Chatham House: Decisions and Deadlines - A Critical Year for Sudan,  January 2010

Conflict Dynamics International: National Elections and Political Accommodation in the Sudan, June 2009

Democracy Reporting International / University of Juba (ed.): Sudan - Assessment of the Electoral Framework, November 2009

Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation: Implementing the CPA - The 2009 elections in Sudan and possbile contributions by the EU, February 2009

Heinrich Böll Foundation: Sudan - No Easy Ways Ahead, April 2010

Institute for Security Studies: Sudan at the Crossroads - Elections, Abyei and the Darfur Conflict, August 2009

International Foundation for Electoral Systems: Electionguide Sudan

Medea Group: Sudan Elections Analysis, October 2009

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs: Imagining the Election, September 2009

National Endowment for Democracy: Towards Democratic Elections in Sudan, October 2009

Netherlands Institute for International Relations "Clingendael": Ticking the Box - Elections in Sudan, September 2009

Rift Valley Institute: Elections in Sudan - Learning from Experience, May 2009

Rift Valley Institute: Electoral Designs - Proportionality, representation and constituency boundaries in Sudan's 2010 elections, March 2010 

Small Arms Survey: the Sudan Human Security Baseline Assessment (HSBA) Project

Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik / Zentrum für Internationale Friedenseinsätze: Countdown in Sudan, January 2010

United States Agency for International Aid: An Assessment of USAID Election Support Options in Sudan, June 2008

United States Institute for Peace: Conducting Elections in Darfur, March 2009


Post-Election Analysis:

African Union (AU): Preliminary Statement of the AU observer mission, 18th April 2010

Carter Center: Election Observation Mission Preliminary Statement, 17th April 2010

Carter Center: Statement on Sudan's counting and tabulation phases, 10th May 2010

European Union (EU): EU Election Observation Mission Preliminary Statement, 17th April 2010

EU: Statement by High Representative Catherine Ashton, 19th April 2010

Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD): Election Observer Mission Interim Statement, 19th April 2010

The Sudanese Group for Democracy and Elections (SuGDE) / The Sudanese Network for Democratic Elections (SuNDE): Election Statement, 24th April 2010

Sudan Media and Elections Consortium (SMEC): Media and Elections in Sudan - Final Report, July 2010