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German Embassy celebrates reunification anniversary in Juba

Waakhe Simon
The German Embassy to South Sudan celebrated the 25th anniversary of the German reunification on October 3, in Juba.
7.10.2015  |  Juba, South Sudan

The anniversary celebration at Da Vinci Hotel was opened by the German Ambassador to South Sudan, Johannes Lehne.

Germany had to overcome many difficulties on the way to unity. Just to mention a few: Withdrawal of foreign troops; integration of two armed forces formerly opposed to each other;
unification of two currencies and two very different economies with a reorganisation of an economy ruined by many years of mismanagement,” Lehne said.

“South Sudan is, in my opinion, today at a similar crossroad. South Sudan also has to find a way to reunite and to integrate opposing forces in order to create a new, unified and prosperous country,” Lehne added.

Lehne also offered support: “Germany is also ready to provide advice and its experience, if wanted, to help to bring together warring parties in order to create a unified South Sudan and to bridge the gaps which have been opened by conflict.”

South Sudanese politicians and rebels struggle to overcome unprecedented political and economic challenges aggravated by a 21-month political conflict that broke out in late 2013.

Onyoti Adigo, the Leader of the Minority in the South Sudan National Parliament attended the occasion. Agreeing with Lehne, Adigo said there are lessons South Sudan can learn from Germany, especially in economic, political and security reforms.

“There is need for a decision making to be inclusive, you involve everybody in decision making for their own future,” Adigo said.

“We can [also] learn from it – Unity of German - by bringing the opposition SPLM and SPLM in government to work out how we can run the affairs of this country,” Adigo added.

Adigo also said mentoring the South Sudan military and police personnel could be one of the security reforms South Sudan can benefit from Germany.

“At least I would like to express my sincerest wishes to South Sudan that the political and military leaders fix their minds on how to achieve unity again, as this was the vision of South Sudan’s founding father John Garang “Unity in diversity,” Lehne said in a closing remark.

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